My Part of Life – The e-Book

Dear Readers/Followers,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your constant support and criticism towards my blogs and content which helped me in turning myself into an individual who became capable enough to write 2 books and publish it at an International Level and become the top 100 Best-Selling Authors on Amazon. From a dream to a hobby, I’ve achieved it all.

Presenting before you the 3rd Book in the series, “My Part of Life” – A collection of Short Stories, Letters and tailored Blogs on topics ranging from Psychology to Love. Pertaining all the possible themes in a classy way. Not just a mere collection but a deep dive into the world of Emotions and how they are perceived, giving out the best in humans I have captured how Emotions can be seen & experienced in multiple beautiful perspectives in order to understand the opposite person to a greater extent.

This book consists of 4.5 years of hard work along with sleepless nights brainstorming about various ideas to write a story which ends with a psychological conclusion which could help the general public to understand sensitive topics who cease to have knowledge on the same. Bringing both the sides of a coin, this journey would be a ride, quite extravagant as compared to the roller-coaster one. This will take you through the society, in & out. Covering all aspects of life and existence.

I hope you love this creation of mine and enjoy it till the very end like a delicacy.

Please find the links below to get your copy;

Global Link: My Part of Life e-Book by Dr. Kalyan Parimi

Asia-India: My Part of Life e-Book by Dr. Kalyan Parimi


Dr. Kalyan Parimi




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  1. Kalyan ,it would be a great honour if you accept the award I would like to nominate you for in my upcoming nomination post. Do let me know . Congratulations for ur new achievement ,you are just outstanding.

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