“Sir, we’ve got her a room, it’s on the 2nd Floor “B”-Wing of your Villa”

Stated the Butler.

“Well, that’s good, she can stay here until the situation cools down outside” He acknowledged



“Please don’t touch that ma’am, it’s a vintage wood piece from the 18th century, Any foreign touch can degrade it’s nature” Requested the Waitress.

“It’s been 12 days, Why can’t I see the man who owns this villa?”

The Actress asked the Manager.

“Well, people get to Me for everything, he is barely seen by the general public, his appearances are delusional, he stays away from Media, he hesitates human interaction with Camera” Replied the Manager while closing the Tab for the day.

“I’m sure He is quite a loner” Stated the Actress before while exploring the Attic.

Days passed by, She never got to meet him,

Until one day,

A person in his white shirt and white joggers was cleaning a car, removing every tiny bit of dirt on it, closely observing the dust particles fly away, He looked shabby, tired and exhausted.

As he was done cleaning the car, the manager came running to him for a signature,

“No way he could be the person the world talks about, cleaning his car here!”

The Actress stood amused.

The World accepted Ideas in a combination, they were dependent on the person and their background,

He could never understand that,

They judged They had to,

He stood at the corner of his Garage, playing with the wrench,

He found peace, Being alone, Filling the world with colours while confining himself,

Life isn’t a rainbow,

It does look like one, feels like one, But colours are nature-specific,

Aren’t they?

In this busy little world,

Where you are confined to a little space for your own good,

Let’s find time for ourself,

Let’s not just thrive for social presence,

It’s quite awesome to be off the Radar,

It’s quite a thrill to give yourself Feathers,

And knit them into Wings,

Wings which are meant to empower you,

Life is quite dark in many ways,

We are the one who’s responsible to show the brighter side of it,

Speculations would be made,

And so will be Allegations,

Everything does come to a beautiful end,

When you finally see people looking up to you during the tough times,

People expect you to show up,

That’s when you know that you’ve achieved it all,

Your hard work might not show up on time,

But eventually, your designed ideas would succeed,

They will prove their value to the world!

Among the hundred different things,

It’s quite a possibility that we lose our way,

But we shall never lose our Motive!



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  1. It was beautiful Kalyan. Truly time taken to reflect on ourselves and get better from within is much essential. People don’t really understand this and they often get lost in crowds..
    Wonderful perspective!

    Liked by 1 person

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