“But why do you look so depressed Doc, Everything fine?”

Asked his 90th patient on the video call,

“I’m a Psychologist and a Therapist, what could possibly go wrong?”

The Doctor replied.

“But is it that easy for you, to control everything” The patient added

Thousands of questions asked, tonnes of answers given,

Yet he ended up being the exact same person,

Often Lost, Tough to crack,

He had viewed the world through a different screen,

The one which showed him the horrible sides life can take,

It wasn’t easy on him, It never was,

Slowly breaking him down,

Just like a portion of poison,

It took him to unimaginable depths of life.


“Oasis” is all about the “Give & Lose” approach. This theory applies to all the humans out there irrespective of who they are. We, humans, often tend to spread smiles along the journey, travelling through our part of life we’ve forgotten that we have limited resources with ourselves and they do get exhausted when we give a part of them to another. This is not about “Being Selfish” but it is about understanding to what extent one should be exhausted, beyond which the person just turns into a fusion reactor, engulfs everything and just explodes.

To understand it in an easy manner, let’s assume you have been counselling your best friend for a while and brought her from the dark depths to a beautiful sunrise. But in the process of doing so, you just didn’t exhaust your energy but unknowingly you have given a part of yourself to her which would never come back. And that’s a fact which cannot be declined. Neither can you argue that you can get that back from some other person, who is still hypothetical in your perspective. We, humans need to learn how to exhaust our resources in the best manner possible to not undergo self-destruction. Here, by resources I meant, moral support, emotional support, and mental wellbeing. The more you give out the less is left with you.

To tackle this situation, the only way out is to understand how you replenish your resource, and what thing/person helps you do that. To revert the cycle of “Give & Exhaust” is quite improbable but not impossible. And that’s when people visit Doctors to understand what’s wrong and try to gain a new perspective towards life.

I hope this little secret helps you to understand where you are losing it and how you can get it back!




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  1. When you spend time with someone it means a lot. You are giving that person something extremely precious (your time) that which you are never going to get back again. Psychologists are human beings too. They take in grief from others but may land up having no one to heal them.

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  2. his is not about “Being Selfish” but it is about understanding to what extent one should be exhausted,” This says it all for me. It is absolutely necessary to know when and how to help, but so is knowing how to give away without resources. An unhappy person cannot make someone else happy.

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