I was struggling my way through,

There was blood everywhere, Not just mine, Theirs too!

They weren’t responding to their call signs, Called them with every possible name,

They would just not Nod their head,

They never did that, They always responded to my call,

Always considered me one among the best,

We all struggled our way through to become something that we would be proud about,

I wasn’t able to feel anything, neither pain nor remorse,

Things lacked consciousness,

Each day felt like a Millenium passing by,

I couldn’t cry, Neither was I able to Smile,

Everything froze the day I was drenched in the pool of blood & tissue,

I wasn’t able to differentiate,

Not anymore,

I wasn’t able to cry, My eyes resisted to shed tears,

I could hear every gulp down my throat,

The silence was an eerie one,

Their lifeless bodies lying before me, strapped with a seatbelt drenched with blood,

Dripping life out towards the shattered glass,

I lay down for a while, rewinding all the memories I had with them,

What else could I do?

I never felt this helpless, counting each second pass by,

The struggle did come to an end,

A 4-month long, a slow one.

It wasn’t easy on me,

I was lost somewhere proving myself to every person out there,

Was this because everyone tends to question your abilities at first place,

Or was I the one who never gave up?

I forgot, I was a Human afterall, I had exceeded my saturation point,

I broke down for the very first time,

That single day, The chains were loosened,

But Emotions never made it through my face!

And everyone stood there looking at me,

And made a judgement “How can someone be so Stone hearted?”

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