My fingers went Numb, this wasn’t the first time I was doing this,

This shall not be the last time either,

Why was it different this time, Why am I feeling that I will never find people staring at me again? Is it a trap?

The time was slowing down, second by second, As I reached out to my tools,

There wasn’t any timer on this one, This one was a remote triggered Bomb,

Civilians being evacuated, Ground teams securing the perimeter, maintaining coordination with my instructions,

I hid all the pain behind that thick visor, the green suit,

The gloves were making it difficult for Me to operate,

Chances were pretty high that the explosion would happen anytime soon, hostile face’s hiding around in their balconies, I could see cellphones in their hand,

But I couldn’t show them that I was scared, A Soldier is never meant to be scared, even during the toughest times,

The time I took my plucker out, I could recollect my memories, How I used to hand over the baby shovel to my little girl in the lawn, while she would play with the mud,

How the elder daughter used to cut & align my hair with scissors during my vacation, Reminded me the time I was operating on the wires with the kit,

The pebbles nearby reminded me of the beautiful time I spent with them on the shore collecting shells,

My brain refused to hear those Gunshots & Screams,

I could just feel the breeze, the dusty environment now felt like a dense rainforest,

As I skimmed through the Defusal kit for the last time,

I could feel her presence, The Love of my Life,

But it was too late already,

I couldn’t make it to them,

And here I was, Looking at my elder daughter, Graduating from her high school,

While I lay here admiring her, I could just wish,

Raiding her Graduation ceremony with my Unit,

Just a wish which did flow down her cheeks as Teardrops!

“Gear” is all about those loved ones with whom we love to spend time with, but because of unstoppable events and activities, we tend to miss those little opportunities which never return back to us.  You might be a parent who stays away from his kin on the line of duty, you might be an IT Professional deploying a crucial project abroad, you might be a cook serving thousands of celebrities away from your home, you might be a parent separated away from your own child. It doesn’t matter who you’re, it just takes a few milliseconds to make a phone-call and tell them what they actually mean to you.

We’ve upgraded ourselves to an entirely different remote world where we have started counting progress with the money we make in a given time interval and we’ve forgotten the concepts of “Open Bars”. The concept “Open Bars” emerged from Germany in early 18th-19th century when people met outside the bar, had a chat with beer and enjoyed the little time they spent together. Each day some new learning from one another which was limited yet wonderful. Such moments are something to be cherished.


“I wish the world never underwent such an Industrialization in the “Emotions” Sector.”

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  1. A touching blog. Every one has a genuine reasons to leave family. But the fast life we live has made it simple to keep in touch but what is stopping the one from calling there loved one should be the question of doubt.
    Beautifully put. A different level of perception … Look forward for more ✌

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Yeah, in this generation, everything is virtual and mechanical, even emotions, which is disheartening. And don’t call me ma’am, please call me Ramyani 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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