They were barely able to see any sun,

Trapped in a tiny room with 6 others,

Sharing everything between them and taking turns to peek from that small whole,

They would look outside,

They would look at a new world every time they took a peek,

Sometimes it was the Grape-Seller,

Sometimes it would be the Cobbler, seated at the same place,

They were able to see time-lapse of the society,

How each person used the resources they possessed,

Where a kid would be crying for a Lolly,

And the roadside toy-shop would sell his toy instead of a lolly to the kid’s Mother,

Manipulation skills were no new for them to observe each day,

For them, it was a surprise each time they took a peek,

A tiny room which bonded them together,

Giving strength and motivation to one another during the tough times,

They became like a family,

Where one would be the Cook, and others would be the Helpers,

Just like how it was 10 years back,

The only difference was, now each of them owned 30-floor hotels,

But still enjoyed one another’s company in a Villa,

Cosy enough to accommodate a Pool table, Recreation hall, Fancy garage,

Their dreams were fulfilled,

From a tiny 100 square feet room to a huge Villa measuring several thousands of square feet,

They had seen it all, Experienced everything, And defined what success meant to them.

There’s always a tie-up between your Lifestyle and Money which prompts you to make decisions that are quite fragile and imbalanced. With power comes influence, which is prompted by the surroundings we tend to surround us with. One who sees the depth of the ocean is the one who tends to decide whether to take a dive or not. And those are the ones who know the predatory mammals in the ocean. It’s not quite easy to take tough decisions but that’s what we humans are known for, to implement the toughest projects ever.

“Brackets” is dedicated to all those souls who have worked day and night to achieve their milestones through their hard work and efforts. We know how laid back we can be and we are well aware of how things can result. But we are the one who is responsible to chose which path we should move on. People who have set limits far off the sky, who tend to overcome the space given between the brackets, who tend to make space for themself, the one who never settle.


“Definition of Success is not about What you achieved, It’s always about How you achieved, always about the tough times”

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20 thoughts on “Brackets

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    1. There’s no denial for that. People who do undergo toughest times tend to be quite wise and continue a similar lifestyle forever. Thanks for the appreciation Kriti. Means a lot to me coming from a seasoned writer πŸ™‚

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  1. A thought provoking blog. The starting part reminded me of the
    Isolation hiding camps during the world war times. I guess it’s human tendency to materialize success.
    Keep blogging Kalyan and ace at your world of blog


    1. You guessed it right, It was a story about bunkers and the lower-class hiding in it. Success is all about a sense of fulfillment rather achievement. Thanks much for your appreciation & Inputs. Keep Reading!❀

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