Dear Date

Dear Date,

It’s 0520 hrs, just the time when you would love to go on a ride, a long one, away from this hectic mushy little world. Shall we? Just a perfect set-up, talking our way while we forgot to measure the number of steps we’ve toured together, or should I say, the number of circles we took unknowingly. People tend to stare at us, you in a Red gown and I dressed in a Black tuxedo, perfect for a wild party! We barely get to enjoy our little moments together, Don’t we?

Busy in our chores, fighting our own demons, we never found peace. Where everyone tried to find excuses to run away from one another, we found excuses to stay with each other, bearing each other’s Anger and Love on the same plate. Balancing our life just the way I balanced the spice in Pasta and you balanced the sourness of it. Just like a Saturday evening’s Chocolate Mousse. Beautiful, Elegant and flavoursome. Demands were quite simple, down to Earth and doable. Just a table, Two chairs, Two cups and Two Saucers. And two souls who would never cease to see each other smile their heart out. I wondered about various different things the previous night, what if you don’t turn up? What if I creeped you out? What if you got a bit sceptical about me as your partner?

Amidst all these questions storming my decisive skills, I refrained to give up on Us, it took me 400+ days to understand you, being there for you didn’t just mean the mediocre calls or texts, rather understanding you as an Individual with various simple and funny needs. Making you address your problems by giving you unique perspectives, turning you into someone who could fight the whole world yet come back home and sleep like a baby. I did shield your innocent self from the cruel little world. And you were always right there for me, fighting your way through all the obstacles, just to protect me like an Angel sent from above, the heaven. It wasn’t easy, was it? The way you had to look over me, trying to figure out everything for me, making the sharp corners soft, and being there not only during my tough times but also during the pleasant moments. Maybe, this is how it was destined to go.

Maybe I wasn’t sure, maybe it was just about the “Time”, And that’s how you acknowledged and did bear with me during my screenplay, little did you expect that I would no longer drop you to your home, rather take you to our Nest. A beautiful one. Redefining Home, the Red Gown and the Black Tuxedo found their space in the closet. Happily ever after!


Your’s Forever.


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    1. Hi Di, so glad that you came back, been a long time, quite a lot changed. I don’t see as interesting blogs as yours on WordPress anymore. That was an era, KitchensChronicles, thelostsoul, the valiantsoul. Thank you for all the appreciation Di. Means a lot to MeπŸ’›πŸ’› Hope you’e doing great


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