A Little Did I Die

A little did I die during that perfect Evening,

Beautiful one,

Being captured in every single lens present in the cloud,

And there they were,

Covering every inch of the square tiles,

Carrying one another’s heart,

It was as beautiful as an orange sunset during a winter,

The respect between them,


Everything was quite perfect, Just as it had to be,

She lost her husband a long ago,

Deprived of all the happiness, She wanted to travel the world,

He was a Top Notch Businessman,

He could never spare time for a being who gave birth to him,

He had to fulfil his responsibilities,

He got lost while travelling alone on the road,

Deprived of what was left for him,

The role model he used to follow was no more,

Taking multiple wrong decisions, He became a self-made Billionaire,

What was the worth of all this when His Mom couldn’t enjoy the street food outside?

He couldn’t help it, She understood that,

He felt imprisoned by his own self,

He couldn’t help it, Neither could she,

And things took a right turn the next day,

When she saw him in his Jeans and T-Shirt,

A person who would always be dressed in formals from top to bottom,

Had given up,

Not just his attire, But an entire Career,

He made a decision, A one that would keep his mom happy,

Of all things in the world,

Maybe he just wanted to see smiles spread across his loved ones face,

Maybe that was all that he was missing throughout his entire life,

A Smile!

“A Little did I Die” is all about those moments that we tend to miss in our respective lifestyles which give us immense joy. The busy little beings, who tend to hush in their world while living in this little sphere where you got 60 years to do some magic. It’s quite understandable that we, humans, are busy working and making our lives better, but while travelling that way we barely see the sideroads that we never take. We hesitate because of the fear that we might lose control over things on our way.

This fear tends to haunt us and we tend to stick to the plan. Standing among all the other reasons, this is the most prominent reason why we hesitate switching a few things in our monotonous lives. “A Little did I Die” is a message to just live your life and forget about what happens for the next moment, to everyone out there in the service industry, take a day off or opt for Work from home and enjoy little things rather than seeing the bigger picture for your future.


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12 thoughts on “A Little Did I Die

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  1. A little did I die rereading it again. Lost in the very thoughts of my own. Into the thick jungles of the memory lane…

    The lightening speed we live in “to live the moment is at stake I say”. Running after something or someone is how this modern man functions…. A pleasant take on how it should be on what is meaning of life.
    Keep writing ✌

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