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Dear Readers/Bloggers,

I’ve been through a lot many Mails in my Inbox as well as on other social networks. There has been a lot of dilemma among you Readers lately about “What I write”, “Why do I write”, “What exactly do I do?” and much more questions like that. So I would like to keep it simple and answer all your questions that I received since I started writing on this blog (Since 2016).

What is your writing genre?

I write about everything from stereotypes to short love stories, from dark stories to bright psychological derivatives. I write about everything that bothers the human society and tries to put values in this little world which is now turning into a “Little Business” rather than a “Lovely small sphere full of Love”. All the stories put in a perfect blend giving Life to the content I wrote.

What do you do for a Living?

Well, I’m a full-time Software Developer by profession (SAP ABAP-PI) to be specific, and also a Doctor who holds Doctorate in Behavioral & Social Psychology. I do take sessions (which last for 3-8 weeks) for my clients (who majorly belong to European Countries) during weekends.

Why do your blogs always target the ideology behind society?

Because they’re meant to be. My way of seeing society is different and the way it has become, it’s now lifeless, a bit “Touch-Me-Not”, a bit “Suspectful about strangers”. Tough to initiate a conversation over a cup of coffee.Β 

What are you planning to do in future?

Quite simple, I graduated in 2019, with a respectable profile. And initiated my journey to achieve all the goals that I listed. As of now, I’m pursuing a course from an IIM where I apply my coding skills to test whilst continuing my job. I achieved “Tags” that mean a lot to Me, such as “Doctor”, “Author”, “Psychologist” which mean the world to me. I believe that the sky is the limit and I barely look past what Society thinks or says. And that’s one of the reasons why I have such a diverse profile.

Are your blogs related to Your Life?

Nope, they aren’t. Each and every Love story is hypothetical, mere observation of society with huge addition of how I see “Love” to be.

Simple yet beautiful,

Elegant yet Amazingly Notorious.

Complex decisions over Ice cream flavours,

The long storytelling sessions over Work from home,

That’s how I imagine life to be,

A happy garden full of flowers, a beautiful soul by my side, and a cup of tea with all the laughs in the world.

P.S: You can throw your questions in the Comments section below, How better could it be to know a Reader than this opportunity. And the most asked question, “What’s my age”, its 22 years 9 months of existence on Earth. Keep Reading!!




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18 thoughts on “QA Session

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      1. I’m good, thank you. How have you been?
        Awww that’s really sweet of you to say! You’re really mature for your age, so I am learning more from you than the other way round. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you much IrinaπŸ’›. Means a lot to me. And my favorite English word is “Fond”. I just like it because it’s untouched and least used, which makes it beautiful. When you say you’re fond of something. You actually use the emotion behind it, not just the word πŸ™‚


      1. Woooow,Nice one.. thank You so much for explanation..You are really a very good blogger .good luck..
        Stay home and be healthy..a lot of love goes to You..πŸ’–πŸ˜πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‡

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You didn’t confirm whether you’re Irina? That’s so kind of you, thank you so much. I still read you guys blogs twice, the top one which gets translated automatically, and the English version beneath. Stay home, EU is totally underlockdown. Stay healthy & Happy πŸ™‚


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