Where the Stars End

It was beautiful,

As she lay her head on her Dad’s lap,

She was able to recollect all her childhood memories,

How her Dad used to bring various snacks for her,

The Corn with a drizzle of lemon zest and chilly powder on it,

He used to treat her like a Gem, The one which would turn him into a soft toy,

A person who was as tough as a Kevlar, Would play and fight with her over the dress color of the Doll,

The one who would wear the nail polish to his office, Because her daughter had polished his nails,

And he doesn’t want to lose it at any cost, Because She would be unhappy if he did,

Such was their relationship,

A perfect one, One which all the Mother’s would be jealous about,

He was a perfect father and she was the most notorious daughter,

Things did take a turmoil when she was 5 years old, Her mother left her and went to an unknown world,

Heartbroken, the daughter would try to hide in the warddrobe,

Away from the world, She would sometimes fall asleep in the Almirah,

Where she found peace between her Mom’s sarees,

Things were destined to change,

The remorse was real,

But his dad wasn’t one amongst the Losers who would accept the defeat without a fight,

He learned everything that his wife would do, He would repeat the steps thousands of times to get the perfect motion,

He chased all the married ladies to learn the art of feeding a young kid,

He changed his color choices just for his daughter,

He changed all the frames on wall, Now the frames had only him and his daughter,

His daughter slowly slid into the playground that his Dad had created overtime after her Mom’s death,

A beautiful one,

One in which He would never leave her alone at home,

A person who would bring those bloody arrogant stars down to Earth,

Now found peace while Counting the stars with his daughter,

Gazing towards the open sky,

He counted stars until his daughter slept like a baby,

With her head on his chest and her arms wrapped around his Neck,

And that’s when for him the Stars Came to an End!!

Life is quite an unstable see-saw, where the balance is the sweet spot for many among us. And while trying to achieve it we often tend to deviate which leads to unexplainable reasons and remorses over time. Things which are quite easy are complicated by us “The Humans” over simple and irrelevant reasons. 

“Where the stars End” is all about those little moments of love that we all rejoice in our lives when we come across some similar situations. Fighting our odds we did forget how to actually value the best things we got.

“It’s all about the Little Things that matter the most in one’s life which create a Crater-Like Impact on others.”



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