Admiring her flaws He sat there, maintaining a distance from her,

Counting the number of seconds she would curse herself,

His count reached 30,

And she came running towards him,

Gave him a warm hug and cried her heart out,

While he whispered in her ear “You cried 20 seconds less this time” with a wide smile,

Enough to change her frown expressions into the most beautiful smile ever on a person,

Her needs were realistic and simple, And so was She,

Things were always perfect between them,

Hundreds of 60-second fights, thousands of bits of Love,

Thousands of Muffins gulped down while watching web-series,

It was just perfect, He was being a 20 year old at this point of time in his life,

Her wrinkles at 60 years defined the meaning of “Beauty” for him,

Unlike the old-aged “tired” couples, they were different,

They would be found on the swings during the evening hours,

And could be found watching a Matinee Show during the morning,

They were loved by the youngsters, He would tell boys how to “Woo” girls and She would educate girls on how not to fall for the “Woo”.

And that’s how they used to trap the youngsters and learn new tricks from them in-return of the tips they gave,

Every day was a new challenge for this couple to go to a uniquely distinct place so that they could enjoy the presence of each other,

Sometimes it was all about him throttling the nuts out of his Royal Enfield while she would sit on the pillion with a helmet and a thug’s face,

And sometimes it was her driving a Royal Matt White Rover while he would be seated beside her smoking a cigar.

Just beautiful as it would get,

They were perfect for each other,

And the society still described them as “Flawed”,

Maybe they didn’t fit in the hypothetical boring frame of the society,

But they were truthful to each other and showered immense unimaginable love,

Things were different around them, not the usual chores,

Every day something new was being experimented on in the kitchen,

Someday it was Chocolate truffle cake, while the other day it was the royal “Dhokla”,

Things would never cease to exist for them,

Just like the old days,

They loved to spend their night together, binge-watching Animal Planet while he would crack double meaning jokes while watching animals have sex.

This was them when they were 60-years old,

Admiring her Flaws,

Acknowledging her Presence,

While falling asleep as he lay her hand over her head.

Maybe that’s what love is all about.

Simple | Elegant | Beautiful | Naughty

Life is quite unpredictable and so are the moments that you have with your loved ones. Everyone has a distinct way of enjoying things and moments with their loved ones, it’s always the perfect blend of emotions between you and your loved ones, and once that resonates at a same level of madness, things just become beautiful and so the moments. It’s always about how you enjoy at a first-person perspective and not about the third-person perspective where you try to judge yourself based on some third-person perspective.

Life is too short to judge ourselves.

Live | Laugh | Love



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18 thoughts on “Flawed

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  1. A beautiful take on the romantic dreams ment to be. But the reality has got us hooked to fast life. In the era of change round the corner how can there be just a love of life. Keep pouring your heart out .

    Regards dessert flower

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Life is too short to judge ourselves” – I think that line sums up the entire post –
    Love without regrets!
    Awesome story, as always, Kalyan! 😊💛

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If imaginations can set unrealistic expectations that do not hurt anyone, so be it. Very nicely penned!


    1. Just trying to reach out to the root cause of sorrows. Tried to portray things in a different way this time. Thank you so much for the appreciation, Ma’am. Means a lot to me. Keep Reading 🙂


      1. Wonderful efforts to try for reaching out to the roots cause of sorrow.here are many people are in unknown sorrow.we can only cure them with giving love and support,dear!!

        Liked by 1 person

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