*This is not a story to be read and forgotten. This is something that has the capability of teaching you some unheard life lessons*

I never write posts which put my thoughts directly into the minds of my Readers but sometimes it’s better to let people know the truth the way it has to be spoken.

I always belonged to this breed of humans, the quiet ones, the one who were barely able to express remorse, happiness or any such human feeling. I was always the one who could empathise with others and understand their pain and help them subdue it. While doing that I used to understand a little bit about myself which would help me damp my emotions. I forgot that I wasn’t a machine which would have an immense amount of knowledge fed into its system, which would never override the commands. But, I was wrong, maybe I was tired. I was exhausted. I gave up a lot many times.

The journey was quite tough and breathtaking (in both the senses). Having a prefix before the name wasn’t easy, and so were the efforts that I put in to achieve a milestone. Hundreds of hours spent after the 9-to-5 job, Sleep-less nights, Hungry mornings and severe back-pain combined with a migraine level headache and disinterest and irritation with sounds around. What was this all for? Just for the prefix “Doctor”?


The urge to never give up has put me into a place where I barely see any obstacle anymore, the determination has taken the “Soul” out of my so-called “Leftover Life”. Humans are amazing creatures, they motivate themselves by actually following a third-party, more like following an “Influencer”. So, who are these people? Well, unlike humans, I’ve a bit of hatred for these people, not because of what they do, rather it is about how they portray themselves, to be the “Happiest Soul”, “The Grateful Ones”. Believe me, it’s not so. It’s always the best foot forward, you ought to show your true self to people around you to influence them! Crying behind the encrypted username’s won’t help you with your problems, rather misguide your followers. Well, it was always about the hard work that one can do till an extreme point post which they break and tear themselves apart, the level of dedication that could cause sweet pain!

I, myself, have been through situations where I dealt with the so-called “Society” which questions everything that comes in its way; Some of the questions thrown at me were;

“Why Psychology when you’re a software developer?”

“Why do you don’t have a personal life, you don’t meet people, why?”

“Why do you confine yourself either to the office or your work area?”

“How are you so bold in your professional life and so shy in your personal?”

Well, once for all, I would like to end these series of question with a single answer that would inspire you all to frame your own story of success;

“I belong to this rare breed, I might do hundreds of things, but all of them are done on a serious note with an aim, I don’t want to become an encyclopedia, but I do want to pass this knowledge to the upcoming generation, that’s why each of my blogs have learnings and so do my LinkedIn posts. I would never stop achieving milestones, I want to be known for who I am. I might not be an “All-Rounder” but We, Humans, should definitely stop categorizing people. You know its serious when it comes from a Doctor himself!!


The title refers to an Arabic word which means “Seductive”. Well, “Success” is “Seductive”, Isn’t it??


Kind Regards,

Dr. Kalyan Parimi

(Psychologist | SAP ConsultantPublished Author | Blogger | Researcher | LinkedIn)



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  1. Some lingering thoughts jotted down. Appreciate your thoughts on the influencer. Do keep achieving and turing tables Dr Kalyan Parimi.
    Regards dessert flower

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not just thoughts but truth that I did behold a long time within myself, had to put this out before I went for a good nap. Thank you for always being there. Much appreciated. Keep Blogging 🙂


  2. Your dedication and devotion to your professional life is commendable, Dr. Kalyan. Congratulations once again, and glad to see you speaking up to quieten the haters. 😊💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Long time, glad to hear from you. We both are on same boat when the professional life comes into play. “Never give-up” is what I’ve learned from you. Thank you for your kind words, Ellen. Keep Reading💛


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