Your’s Truly

It has been ‭1,670‬ days to be precise,

You people never gave up on Me, Times when I lost hopes on myself,

And called it a quit, I gave up on myself,

What else could you expect from this Loser back then,

The one who lacked Consciousness about people?

Or the one who never cared about these pity little humans?

Yes, you taught me how people bond, How one can call a person “Bro/Brother/a friend”,

There were times when this demon fed on lives of the merciless,

Didn’t see any emotions breeding in myself,

When the world considered me as a workaholic alien, you took me close,

Fed me with your love, Made me understand the world,

Taught me how Humans react, Laughed at my jokes,

Each one of you had a distinct personality and way of seeing things,

I learned from you, earned different perspectives, It was just like a machine learning from a human, “How to Live Life?”,

When the world trolled Me, I would come running to you people,

Wouldn’t shed a tear but express my remorse towards this so-called “Humanity & Humans”,

You would just laugh at my state and respond “This is how Humans work!”,

And maybe bribe me with chocolate!

That’s how easy I was to win,

You knew each flaw of mine, Each happy moment of mine,

I still remember I was the go-to person when it came to Exams,

But this lion was getting old, I barely was able to concentrate on exams,

I would just come and sit beside you,

While you people forgot answers, by-hearting and understanding them over and over again,

I was there, seated, looking at you, thinking how easy Life had always been with you on my side,

And then I hear a voice “Kalyan, ee topicexplain cheyachu kada”,

And that’s when I would start vomiting out my whole intelligence about the subject,

Things were different back then, weren’t they,

When everyone used to indulge in college politics,

I used to be found in that yellow college bus, second last seat,

Listening to songs with my headphones on,

You would just come and sit before the bus, on the pavement,

And I would come running from the bus to just find the place beside you guys,

And would just listen to all the rambling that happens,

Things did change-over-time,

We barely speak once in 2 weeks,

Life was all about meeting new people, making new friends and moving-on, Isn’t it?

But maybe it was a bit different when I met you,

I found a reason to be alive, a reason to leave this so-called “Machine Life” of mine,

I found happiness in you,

You did tag me with different funny names, But I was the creative one,

You celebrated each of my victories, stood there with me,

And I would make sure that you are there with me every single time I step on this stage,

I would look back, definitely,

And count,

I don’t know what’s the bond that exists between us,

But every time I would be alone when thoughts cease to exist in this busy brain,

I would think about these human creatures,

The one who loved me for who I was,

The one who didn’t try to change me, but accepted me as I was,

This last time I would request you to stay,

Maybe forever with me,

Will you?

Your’s Truly,



“Your’s Truly” is dedicated to all those special friends you got in your life who always got your back at every point of time in your life. They might not be there forever with you, but their presence is something that will always walk beside you just like your shadow. They’re a unique breed, quite rare to be found, they are different, they are there to comfort you, love you, and stay by you and just expect one thing in return, you got to keep their secrets and love them equally. Quite a simple bargain, isn’t it?

I hope you have these cute beings in your life too whom you would love to dedicate this post. Forward this to your friends and see their eyes drop pearls via their cheeks!



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15 thoughts on “Your’s Truly

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  1. I can’t stop myself from smiling as I read each and every line with curious eye for detail. Hahhah unique breed of friends. Hahha lol. Great read.
    Keep Blogging Dr K
    Regards dessert flower✌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Smiling,yeah.Mr.Lonenly!!here are you is not only one.we all have to survive and suffer in all conditions.we should go ahead and ahead without any anxiety after then,you will feel that peoples come near to you as close,closer and become is need to think-why and how.we are humans and if we want a honest company then you have give your time to those peoples who are closest to you.otherwise live like a complain to for to be alive;love for beloved if you could accept this theory.please never mind if i say some wrong thing.i love humanity,my be i am looser but have self-confidence spiritually. So fully satisfied.🌷🌷🌷🌷

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, everyone has their theory and their perspective towards life. And we humans are here to learn from each others perspective and try to put it into action. Will definitely put your perspective in my “To-Do” list. Would be looking forward to experiment with your ideology. Thank your for the new insight 🙂


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