How I Bought Life.

A simple wish was yet to be granted,

Thousands of unsung melodies came to a perfect synchrony,

But something was wrong,

Quite wrong,

I wasn’t able to get out of this infinite loop,

My death was staged, and it would always end up me getting murdered by my dear ones,

It was different every time,

The scenarios changed,

But the end result was the same,

I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me,

Why would I always end up getting killed?

What was my sin?

Is this how it had to end?

Or is there a missing piece to this puzzle?

Questions refrained me from my thoughts,

I did call it a quit this time,

Tried to punish myself to the extreme,

But this time I suffered a stroke,

It was because of the responsibilities laden on Me,

I stood there,

Before the Judge,

The Judge of Hell,

They questioned my Existence, And what useful I made out of it,

To Not to be in this Infinite Loop of Death,

I had to make a deal,

A tough one to get my life back at Earth,

And I did make one,

To buy “Life”

Against a word of mine, “To never see them again, My loved ones”.

I was hurt, badly.

My torn wings had given up on the very inch of my Life,

I stood there gazing at my sweet little home,

Which now turned Gloomy,

I couldn’t help it,

Things were destined to change,

They were meant to be different this time,

But it was again the same repetitive cycle, Nothing would change, It was all a hallucination,

My tears won’t stop,

This time I could feel my heart race towards the nearing end,

Maybe I was a bit sceptical about Hell,

Or maybe the sacrifice was the key,

I refrained myself from committing heinous crimes,

Murdering the various characters I had in my own body,

A Coder, An Analyst, A Blogger, A psychology expert and what not,

And here was I standing at the crossroads, facing my own self,

Setting up paths for my own,

I realized I got lost,

And that’s when I realised my eyes won’t turn moist!

And that’s how I Bought Life!


P.S: Just a Hypothetical creation of Mine.



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  1. And he is back with a sequel. This time with a sixer I see. How I bought life is different but worth the read. Keep rocking with your unique perspective blogs.

    Regards dessert flower

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