One Blade at a Time

“I want to die!!” I exclaimed at the top of my voice,

Looking over the left pieces in the puzzle,

I gave up on myself,

I had called it a quit already,

I was tired, Mercilessly torn apart by the society,

I couldn’t control and trap all my emotions inside me anymore,

I gave up on myself,

How could I stop my tears from sliding down my cheeks?

And then I saw an Angel enter my Life,

Just like a ray of sunshine,

With her Birth, everything changed for Me,

I got a reason to Live. My Daughter,

Changing her Diapers was not just a task,

Rather a happy moment as a Father,

I learned many things from her,

She used to cry for an infinite amount of time if she didn’t get proper attention at times,

I just related it to my professional career, The only difference was I absorbed all the pain and brought it home rather than removing it there, at the office.

The way she used to smile after falling down on her face while trying to barge in my room for the twentieth time.

The way she used to look for me when I was just away for a millisecond,

She used to cry to let me know her presence,

She was one of a kind, never down for chocolates, She always wants her Dad to listen to all her meaningless Blabber and nod head at the end of her sentence,

And “Reply” was the toughest part, You had to speak her language, How do you do that?

The syllables, the adjectives, you would know nothing from her language,

I used to perform Mapping, all her words to the Human English Equivalent,

And talk with her whole night and put her to sleep,

So that I would get a chance to pull her chubby little cheeks,

While she holds my finger with her whole palm and calls it a day off.

Just to wake up the next morning with her face buried in mine,

Asking for answers from last night’s story that she narrated to Me!

Maybe, that’s what life was all about!

A Story!

With a Gorgeous Mistress and a Cute Little Alien!!

We all do set some expectations from our Life and try to meet them irrespective of the sacrifices we got to do while achieving them. And this leaves us with some experience in our spare time, which we nowadays call it “Living Life”. Well, most of the times when people are busy capturing the digital footprint of their lives, I captured an imaginary cover of how it would be when I would get married and would be blessed with a baby.

Sometimes, Life is not all about the “Hush”. It’s a pretty simple task given to us to explore ourself in a given amount of time. The better we do, the better we reflect on others. Just like a mirror waiting for the polish each day. “One Blade at a Time” is all about how we humans complicate simple things in our life and just forget about the true meaning behind it. Running through the dense forest made up of responsibilities, havoc and whatnot, we try to find that calm river-side where we can set up our camp, have a soulful food and get to sleep. Maybe that’s what it feels when you see your beloved ones.

P.S: I hope I did justice to this exceptional genre that I never wrote on. Criticism is much welcome, please feel free to put your thoughts in the comments section below.



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  1. Touched my heart . No words. A perspective from a father’s point of viee. Loved it to the core. No words. Reminded me of myself being the crazy alien I am with my father. Look forward to more…
    Regards dessert flower

    Liked by 1 person

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