A beautiful place made out of Love,

Away from the busy little world, They found Love,

Beautiful and Sweet,

Away from all the thoughts that caged them,

He used to talk for hours on his phone with her,

People never understood the kind of love they were in,

Hundreds of texts exchanged with a thousand other emoticons,

Things were always lovable between them,

A Married couple,

Unfortunately, His Wife was mute,

But He was the one who kept talking on the phone,

He could understand her silence and answered her questions,

And she could find her voice in her Husband’s voice.

That’s the kind of Love they were in. A different one,

One with spoke lot many words without even saying something,

The story was perfect,

Written by Her, and Narrated by her Husband!

We all search for that one perfect love story for ourself which we could cherish and enjoy for our lifetime, but in the meanwhile, we forget to knit all those little moments of ours with our loved ones. The “Material Possession” type of attitude brings out the worst between the couples. We take “Love” for granted and ignore the presence of it sometimes due to the essence of something else. This leads to the next big thing, “Taken For Granted”. Something which is the root cause of most of the Failures in a Marriage.

It’s quite understandable that in this present world we cannot spend 12 hours out of 24 hours clinging to our loved ones. But what we do forget is the simple evaluation, 2 hours of spending happening time together is equivalent to spending 12 hours of time together. Falling asleep on each other’s shoulder with a sense of fulfilment does feel better even when you’re on an empty stomach. It’s all about the secure feeling that one has when his/her better half is with him/her. 

Life is just like a Mini Game, with zero cashback and warranties. You got to get the highest score in the minimum amount of time to be in the game with other competitors hustling their way towards you. This is when you need a person to cheer you up and give you the much-required BOOST that would let you stand tough like a wall before all the challenges thrown at you. 

And that, my fellow Readers, is coined as the term “Love”.

A Bond that’s there to stay, forever and ever again.



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    1. Hi Gauri, Thanks much for the appreciation. Means a lot to me. It was definitely an emotional drift to put values in a sad story. Tried to portray things in a different way. Hope you liked it. Thank you for giving this a read.

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