Valour – A Story on Self-Imposed Stress

“Why don’t you go out & make a few friends?” His Mother asked him.

He replied with a nod,

“Kids of your age enjoy their time, why are so different??” She added.

He replied with an “Okay” lacking eye-contact, and went back to his room, surrounded himself with gadgets.

We’ll have played either of the roles once in our lifetime, either the ‘Mom’ or the ‘Son’ role. We’ve been there, we fail to compute this word called “Self-imposed stress”, both types of personalities undergo a phase where they black-out, they blame themselves for everything and this leads to them imposing stress on themselves to overachieve milestones in order to prove themselves.

They feel a necessity to prove themselves because the pressure being put on them by various sources (external as well as internal), this leads to a new level of undefined stress which cannot be blamed onto anyone.

So, whose fault is it? Who should be blamed for it? Well, the title is an answer for itself.

So, where does this “Self-imposed” stress end? When does this stop, or will it continue until there’s an abrupt end?

“Valour-A Story on Self-imposed Stress” is all about our brain, which is quite a brilliant tool, a tool which can bring amazing things to table as well as the most unescapable hurdles. It’s all that we’ve up there that changes our perspective towards things, the solution is quite simple and effective, don’t stress yourself, give your brain some time to grow and root itself.  Things are never the same, so start with sorting things out.

For stress, the only solution available to one is;

  1. Schedule things properly and eliminate least of 2 heavy tasks and 1 light task each day from your to-do list.
  2. Don’t stress on impossible things, let things go after you’re done doing your part.
  3. Plan outings at least once a week and never take work home!
  4. You exist because you’re unique. Everyone is unique, we do have a few similar habits because of EVOLUTION!!!
  5. Try not to go to depths of things which are meant to be in the temporary phase.




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