7 Long Years

She came running to my room,

My body went numb when I saw her eyes getting moist,

She cried before Me, And I was standing before her like a stone,

Emotionless with null expressions all over my face,

Face muscles refused to move even an inch,

What could I possibly do? I have seen it a lot many times,

While handing her a glass of water I saw tears rolling down her cheek,

I didn’t have to control my tears as they refused to come out, it had been 7 long years now, they never showed up,

The tears and my Dad,

I used to hide all the sharp objects at home 7 years back so that she won’t hurt herself,

It has been 7 long years, She had run the family all on her own,

Me and Her, coordinating and getting things done,

She used to put herself at the forward post as I was a kid back then, An immature one,

I learned how to fight within a year with her being my guide,

I grew strong, so strong that even when I am in severe despair, My tears won’t roll down my cheek,

They refuse to come up!

I tried to console her, but what could I tell her?

To forget about it?

She tried to, but failed because she needs someone at her age to be there, post-retirement,

How many more days could she bear all of the sorrow suppressed in her chest?

But I, being her son, would never ever give up on her, she belongs to a fighter-breed,

One who took care of her kids all alone,

Like a Lone Wolf,

Never got scared, Never let people criticize her kids,

She raised Lions under her reign,

Lions who overtook the world with their mystical superpowers,

Who amused people with their talent,

But every coin has a dark side,

The kids were not privileged enough to know how it feels to go out with families,

How to behave with Uncles, because they lost their Dad at such a young age,

People tagged them as “Weirdos”, “Strange” and whatnot.

But they forgot,

That the Wolf had raised two Lions,

Sacrificing her emotions,

Hiding them behind a mask,

She fed her offsprings,

Killing her emotions every single day, absorbing her sorrows in the dark background, she gave out lessons on the courage to her kids,

I lay there dreaming,

What happened to the person I knew,

Surprised and Numb,

I walked past my memory lane,

Just to reimagine and recreate how different life would be with Dad on her side.

And here I was,

Handing her a glass of water while zillions of thoughts fighting myself in my brain,

My Soul fell to its knees, I was tired

But couldn’t show that up,

With my firm appearance and looks, I had a track record of misguiding many,

But did end up fooling myself,

I turned myself into emotionless being overtime,

My cheekbones and muscles gave up one me,

As I lay down on my bed with thoughts oozing out of my brain,

The Pain,

Both, the Physical and Emotional were squeezing the so-called “Leftover Life”

And I was left to die,

I made a wish, a selfless one, Just one,

“To Die”

Nope, not physically, At an emotional level, My brain left its senses, And the heart gave up on me, that’s when the 7 Long years just flashed before my eyes.ย 



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11 thoughts on “7 Long Years

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  1. I can say I lost to my challenge. Definitely your best. A very deep thoughts. A thought for you to consider the lonely wolf was never lonely but the emotions back stabbed her daily. But you can proudly call yourself to be a part of lonely wolf and why do you take non sense of the judgement eye so seriously…

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    1. Haha, Just letting people let off some tears. Tears moisturize eyes, don’t they? Well, the later part I failed to answer each time. That brings us to the theme of the upcoming blog.


  2. May God give you strength. Already you have managed to pass 7 long years. Time is the only healer. And you have been, just being there in front of her, you’re her strength and it’s because of you she stands strong despite all those tears that may flow out.

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  3. How can you forget smiling? What if he wants to see you smile from somewhere? He will get disappointed, just remember this and keep smiling from bottom of your heart and that is damn true she raised Lions, keep making her proud!

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