Our Love, The Movie Screens

Running through all the old memory lanes, I found peace,

Nevertheless was it Easy on Me,

It was tough for you too!

The way we had to fight the battle for both of Us,

In order for “Us” to survive in this pretty dark world that built walls around Us,

Tried to trap us down with their meaningless insights and horror stories,

Tried to scare us with all of their strength,

But there was hope, in their eyes, that we would pass their test,

We stood strong, Strong enough that the toughest time gave up on us,

And did show us the Glittery part of Life,

Now it wasn’t anymore about “Your” and “My” part of Life,

It had become “Our” Part of Life,

Things began to settle for good,

I took you out for plays, movies, drama’s, stand-ups and what not,

My way of expressing Love, You always loved it, didn’t you?

Those long rides alongside the beach until we saw the sun meet the sea,

All the colours blending in a perfect manner, the blue’s, the red’s, the yellows and the whites as it set,

We ran to our place, the two coconut trees bent perfectly so that we could build our nest there, and watch you fall asleep in my lap as I hum with the waves hitting the rock,

And that how we cherish our little moments together, Away from the busy little world,

Whilst we try to build up a separate castle for ourselves,

And you crawling all over my body to find a perfect spot to stick yourself,

The time when you with your broken words called me “Daddy”,

And took your first steps after coming in this world,

Strolling along the horizon, I would never ever leave your hand,

Because you’re the only one I got, who would stand by me,

Because Our Love is just like Movie Screens!

“Our Love, The Movie Screens” is all about the beautiful relationship that’s shared by a father and daughter. The way it all starts with the infant needs and ends up at her laughing and going gaga over simple things. Her innocent way of seeing things lets the father forget the horrendous amounts of complexities in his life. The value of Life just spikes up for him when he watches her trying to do simple things with utmost efforts and failing that she would just throw away things and come back to him, in the hope that he would solve it for her. An exhaustive day for the father ends with a wide smile spread across his face while they both fall asleep like kids beside one another.

The beauty of the relationship can be only felt, because they hide it from the outside world, fearing that they would lose it if the outsiders discovered. It’s always the same role-play between them, the Guardian Angel and the Little Devil who does her things done with her innocent devilish smile. The roles do change over time as the Guardian Angel ages up when his body shrinks up and his “Hero” costume fails to keep it up with him, his superpowers shrink to the dimensions of his heart. And that’s when the role reversal happens when the devil turns into a guardian angel for her Dad and protects him from the bad.

A story that never ceases in the storybook does come to an end when the Guardian Angel leaves her daughter alone. Just to recollect and re-live all the moments in his life since she was born. When the little baby steps ran towards dad irrespective of the moment. When the meaning of the phrase “being at home” actually meant “being with her daughter”.

And that’s how the bond between them is nothing less classy than the “Movie Screens”!



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