How I Bought Tears

The Devil was standing before Me,

Staring at Me bottom to top, Scanning each phase of my life as it appeared before him,

He fell on his knees, handed me a ring, asked me to wear it,

Told me that I was cursed, As I didn’t cry when he peeled my skin off,

He kept looking as I bled through my third layer of skin,

Muscles now flexed a whitish-pink layer,

And there I was, standing alive, shredded to the last tissue, but not even a single teardrop made it down my cheek,

My eyes refused to show signs of any remorse,

Rather an eerie smile across my face,

Was it enough to scare the devil?

Though it was enough to send chills down the spine of people who never saw the dark side of mine,

Who just saw the so-called Merry side of Me,

People did fail to see and maybe understand a bit about me, Laughed me off, Mocked me, Made fun of my weirdness but forgot that a person whom Devil would be scared, was walking among them,

His Screams unheard and a story untold,

And that’s how he bought tears, with that ring gifted to him by the devil,

A new story had just begun!

“How I Bought Tears” is all about those innocent souls thrown into a circle of fire full of responsibilities. Not the one you imagine and shrug off, the one which could either build a family or destroy the existing one. Responsibilities which can neither be ignored nor be procrastinated. The one which demands patience, attention, hard work and worship. Not everyone is gifted with a laid-back attitude, with parents watching their arses and responding when they get themselves into trouble.

Responsibilities do define a person, the way he/she handles them and the way the person frames a solution for a real-time problem predicts the way the person would probably behave in his consciousness and in his sub-conscious mind. Life is never a LEGO game where you just fit pieces to form a perfect block. Life throws pieces that aren’t a part of your ecosystem in LEGO, but you need to trim each and everything to fit it in your life.

Life is definitely an amalgamation of all the fuck-ups and patch-ups one does during the worst and best times of his life, but it’s up to him, with what ratio of both the person forms the mixture. And how it really turns out to be after one implements it. We all try to do our best but not always do we succeed, we learn from our responsibilities that turn into a horror story that we pass to the later generations and ask them to learn from it.

The main motto behind this blog is to present you a thought of “Empathising” rather than “Comparing” and “Sympathising” with a person using a blunt, meaningless, absurd and uncanny statements such as “You aren’t a kid”, “You are not the only one with problems”, “Face problems, don’t run away from them” etc etc. These comments are made by people who never ever faced a damn problem in their life. Because if they did, they would rather tell a solution or be quiet rather than putting out an outrageous comment to a person who is already analysing things and struggling his way out.Β 



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8 thoughts on “How I Bought Tears

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  1. Wow! I love the second part of the post. 😍 The first part is a little scary. πŸ™ˆ But nevertheless, the whole post is written really well! Well done, Kalyan. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›

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  2. The satin can’t live a day as a human in this 21 century. Well composed for a perfect essence of the right tinge of curiosity. Truth be told I liked the Lego part. A perfect metaphor. Look forward what happens next

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  3. You wrote this during a meeting! I think I have a serious competitor here πŸ˜€
    Jokes apart I totally understand what you write here. Life is not in our control. There’s good and there’s bad in equal measures in everyone of our lives. We need to look into them in perspective. All these are there in our lives to shape us to make us who we are, they are lessons for us. It’s upto us how we react to these challenges. You seem to have gone through a lot in your life, which is apparent from all the posts you make. Surely, they’s defined you. Surely you’ve become a better human being for all such experiences in your life. Stay strong and take care. Trust in Almighty! No situation will last forever.

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    1. I cannot compete against “Sensei”πŸ˜‚. Just bringing out all the darkness and trying out a new genre. Well, situations demand us to throw out things and I do it via writing. I hope everything soon turns well for its own good. Thank you for all the wishes and kind words. Much appreciated πŸ™‚

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