Half Past Twelve

A hypothetical diary of a person who enters different stages in life, here one day represents an entire year or few months and how things change totally in this little world that we reside in.

Day 1: I analyzed the way how society works here, it’s not how I expected it to be. Alas, we, humans expect things to be ordered and perfect, when we know we aren’t even a part of it.

Day 2: Everything seems a bit off. Maybe I need to change the way I think and my perspective towards things.

Day 3: I made a new friend. It feels good to have a friend, She listens to me. And I listen to her. We did talk about various things.

Day 4: Things went south, I’ve realized a few things, I’m not sure why the world works in such an unorganized and unfaithful way.

Day 5: After spending months of research, I have realized that nothing exists which can be categorized as “Reality” or “Truth”. Everything seems to be a lie and everyone looks like an opportunist. Where did we throw ourself in? The race which never ends or the race which was never fair.

Day 6: I’ve been involved in building a life, amidst that I forgot how to live. Life looks dark now. Less light, least happiness. Now I am trying to find happiness in things I never used to find before.

Day 7: Been a year since I locked myself in my room. The office feels like a tour and home feels like a jail. The journey back feels like a road to a detention camp. I can neither jump out nor can I call it a quit. Being not so social is a non-bailable offence.

Day 8: I did try to call it a quit today but the knife refused to work.

Day 9: The ceiling fan broke while I tried my level best.

Day 10: The terrace door is locked. I am trying to get the duplicate of the key.

Day 11: Things never worked out even I planned them and tried to execute, I tried to overcome all my fears but I am still stuck, not because of the enormous number of times I failed. It’s just that I lost my path while finding perfect things for me.

Day 12: I call it a quit, My voice unheard, my screams go unnoticed.

Day 13: I had a dream, Where I suffocated myself to death. My body lay still on the floor, at peace, for the first time I saw myself at peace, my motionless body did look beautiful, No hurries, Nothing to worry about.

Day 14: Homicide case filed and forgotten, The paintings on the wall, the books I wrote, My medals, Achievements. Everything is now just a piece of evidence, I became the front-page news for the youngsters. Mom telling their kids not to be Me but they forgot, the society developed me into a personality that suffocated itself to death.

Day 15: Interviews were scheduled with my family members, about how a successful person at a very young age couldn’t handle the pressure. Tears were flowing down my mother’s cheek as the bastards asked her questions about me. I was just a Debate topic among people now. Funny how existence works post-death.

Day 16: Everything is back on track now, the world is working in the same way how it used to be when I was alive. There’s not much difference. I wonder whether I was just an instance of life among a million others. It just doesn’t add up the way I was portraying myself for the world and how everything turns out to be quite opposite with the world just substituting me with another creature.


Although this is a self-explanatory post, still I would like to conclude something that’s quite simple yet we fail to understand. We are mere replacements in this little world. So enjoy your time on the ground before you get substituted!!



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  1. Nice post, Kalyan. And I’m sure many youngsters will relate to it. Nowadays, many give up too easily. 😣
    However, they should always remember that they are put on this earth for a purpose. God gives us problems only when He knows that we have the ability within us to solve them. Suicide is not an option!

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  2. It was a nice read Kalyan.. i esp liked the concept that one day is a month or year and the situations happen.. it’s really good!
    I’d like to think about it in a way that we’re here to spread smiles, become the best version of ourselves, love people deeply and spread joy.
    And for some people we’ll never be substituted..

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  3. Society does shape our lives but we need to be conscious about filtering what to let in and what not to. Especially with children and youngsters, parents and people around need to make a conscious effort since childhood to enable the child to handle situations. As what others do is beyond our control. Only our own lives and our own ways is under or own control.
    Thank you for sharing these two posts with me.
    I am glad that you are able to express your innermost thoughts and concerns through your writing. That’s a gift that you should be proud of.

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    1. An exceptional summary that has made its way to my diary. Thank you so much for this longing insight. Quite Proud of the Gift Neel. And thank you so very much for going through the blogs. I’m glad that you loved them. Keep Reading!

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