Sold My Soul

“It’s already late dad, we’re running 30 minutes late already!” Exclaimed his daughter.

“Just a minute honey, I still mess up with my tie, your dad is not so good at the gentleman things” Replied his dad.

“Let me do it for you dad” Stated the enthusiastic 8-year-old.

“Sure, please do it pie, and also make sure I am looking good enough for today’s parent’s meet at your school” He added

“Are you going to propose Miss Stanley today, Dad?” She questioned while selecting a better tie for her dad.

“Ahh, you always ask tough questions, don’t you? And the answer might be a yes.” He replied.

“I knew it, you both were sticking together so close during the last “A day with Dad” at school. She added.

“You’re just like your mom, investigative, aren’t you?” He replied.

“No, just like mom did, I will never leave you!” She exclaimed and hugged him.

“Respect” & “Commitment” are two words that can bring the most dreaded enemies together on a dinner table. Though life tends to toughen up things at times, that doesn’t equate to one leading a horrible way of living it. Not everyone fits in the parenthesis defined or set by another individual, but that doesn’t give thyself the freedom to exploit the opportunity and take advantage of one’s innocence.

Relationships these days have become a bit materialistic, don’t get me wrong but the present generation is more of trial and error, rather than sticking with those little fights that give out much love and strength to their relationship. We might have forgotten little details in our lives. Those little moments enriched with all the Love & Care. 

“Sold my Soul” is one such blog that deals with a separation between a husband & wife, in layman language, a Divorce. It is as horrible as it sounds. Not only the separation of two souls, rather everyone who has been attached with these souls is forced to choose a side. Life is not merry as it seems to be, but it is neither greyscale. We are the one painting our lives on canvas. The colours are the decisions we make, and the brush is the medium we choose to implement our decisions. Together, they form a collage, A collage named “Life”.

Ever wondered why paintings are sold for Millions?

Because its the meaning behind it that we fail to see!



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    1. True that. We try to impose and plant our thoughts in the opposite person about how we love to see ourself but forget to be empathetic. We need much talks and mutual benefits on a intellectual ground. Thank you for your valuable insights. Much appreciated. Keep reading!!


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