Dear WordPress Family,

I do post blogs on various domains via short stories once a week, but this is the time I bid goodbye. (In my Style).

Words tend to fall apart,

I lost myself,

Somewhere I lost the spark, I lost the lead,

Amidst of all the blogs that I posted,

I lost myself,

I lost my own words, My own creations now cease to speak to Me,

My own self now hates me,

To an extent that can’t be forgiven or forgotten,

I did fail myself,

With this, I lay down my weapon,

My only Weapon,

My Pen!!!


Well, I would be going on an indefinite break. If you feel like reading the posts just remember your part of life and I would be found in the remote corner of your heart, In MY PART OF LIFE.

Thank you all for the constant support. Much Appreciated. I will definitely do a comeback, Until then Adieu!!

I hope you enjoy and love the last piece of mine written below;

Dekhe The Mene Anginat Sapne

Haan Yaad hai mujhe, Aasan nahi yeh raatein,
Mushkil rahon se chalte
Dekhe the mene anginat sapne,

Yun toh kurbaan kiya hai bahut kuch,
Aaj yeh bhi sahi,
Sapnon ko hakikat mei badalne ke liye,
Kuch Jhelna dard bhi sahi,
Dekhna mat chordna tum woh sapne,
Haan, dekhe the mene anginat sapne,

Akelapan bhi tha,
Saath mei koi humsafar bhi nahi,
Sapne apne mutthiyon mei batorkar,
Mei khudko yuhi Sehlata rehta
Yuhi Guzarte palon ko mei thaam leta,
Haan Dekhe the mene ANGINAT SAPNE!!!


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21 thoughts on “Adieu

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  1. I am not going to ask for a comeback. Just going to say that why has the fire that made you write vanished??? A question which you should ask your self.
    Good bye

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    1. “Good Bye’s” hurt the most, Dessertflower, you know it better that few flowers bloom at its peak in an interval of time, the “season”. I lost my ability to do so. I did ask myself the same questions, hundreds of times, every single night. But I never received an answer. The day I receive one, I will resume writing. You’re an inspiration to me. And your question will be answered. One day. Thank you for your wonderful support throughout this journey, Will be written with golden words.


      1. But unfortunately you are not a flower Kalyan. You are a Writer.
        How can you expect the answer when it was you who was driven to write. Writing is a art not a shooting star my friend. It’s you who fails to notice the art of playing with words.
        I am no inspiration nor bid to be one. I am nothing but a blogger like you.
        It was a pleasure to read your work. Hope it’s not lost to the future

        All that I can do now is bid you a farewell.

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      2. Hahahah the appropriate gift to a blogger will be through a blog my friend.
        Over smarted you on this one. Watch out for my next blog kiddo✌😂

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    1. Well, thank you for the wishes. Life has become a mess lately because of professional and personal interests colliding with each other. That’s when you realise that you sleep only for 3 hrs. I’m writing various blogs in my diary. But I’m not sure there would be any sort of comeback on WordPress for me.
      Thank you for the constant support Tanya. Will definitely enjoy the words dancing to their rhythm. Keep up the good work. You can drop your mailid in contact section to receive blogs though which never made it to my part of life.


      1. I understand Kalyan !
        Moreover I feel writing is more of a inner thing, like for me it gives me mental peace. Posting it on any blog or platform comes secondary .
        So diary is good too ! 😀
        Best wishes !

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