How I dumped a Dead Body

And with a thud, I dropped it.

My shoulders were tired carrying it for a while,

My own body, a body which used to be soulful,

Now ceases to exist,

I talk to it the whole day, expecting it to wake up from its deep sleep,

I visit it every single day,

Expecting it to not to be there,

But I couldn’t help it, and Everyday I dug 3 feet inside the ground,

Just to find your body in perfect flawless condition,

You were more alive than dead,

You were lifeless when you were alive and now you look full of life,

Just like you have attained some sort of peace,

You killed all your desires, you killed all your wishes, all your dreams,

Just to lead a life, where people would respect you,

But you forgot to live a “Life”,

You lied to yourself, You lied that you were living a life,

And here I, your soul, visit you every day, just to find your swollen body,

Lie there, occupying that 6 ft space, And a smile on your face,

A smile which people always wanted to see on you,

A smile that did suit you the most,

And everything came to an end, You were never the same, but you found peace, killing your dreams, and wearing the same expression throughout your lifetime,

And here I was hiding you from the world,

So that you sleep,

No more disturbances, No more banters,

It would be just you and your deep sleep.

I will make sure you stay put there,

I will guard the premises for you. So that you sleep, and not be sleep deprived like you always were, with the responsibilities laden on you while you were Alive.

And that’s how I dumped a dead body,

It was Mine.

I’m still waiting to be freed, Still awaiting to carry on my Journey,

And saw this engraved on my Grave;

“Your Journey would never come to an End, Just the Destination Changes”

And that’s Exactly How I dumped a Dead body, Unfortunately Mine!

Some of us might have experienced this claustrophobic sensation, at least once in our lifetime, but why does this happen?

Life is just like a lecture, the one which you have at 7:30 in the Morning, you hate it but you have to attend it to avoid more f*ckups in life. Quite simple, relatable and a practical one. Sometimes you cannot help it but just watch it pass before you. Like wind on a breezy day. We need to understand how things work, There are lot many ways using which we can achieve the same.

  1. Replicate the process in the Reverse order and understand things, disintegrate them to the smallest atom and understand them.
  2. OBSERVE, observe the minute detail, put your brain and imagination to work and get things done in your favour.

Well, these are the two ways using which you can avoid dumping your own dead body.

I wish I knew it earlier, they say “Its never too late”, but believe me, it is already late!



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