Every morning was now perfect,

Her hair interlocked in my fingers,

Her silky smooth hair covering my face, through which I would see the morning sun,

Her “Please don’t wake me up”, “Please don’t move a lot on the bed” still sounds so young,

And here I was,

Watching a new world of mine come to consciousness,Β From her deep sleep,

The first thing she would ask me wasn’t a warm hug, rather it was a glass full of water,

I would just smile at her innocence,

She was just beautiful, The way she would interpret my mood,

Show me places and prepare me the best homemade food during my mood swings,

Who said men don’t undergo Mood swings?

We too are tired with things, we too need a shoulder on which we can rely on,

A shoulder that puts us to sleep,

While a hand that rests on our cheek, Making sure that we go into the “Sound Sleep”,

My heartbeat would merge and synchronize with hers,

And then we would get ourselves lost in a totally different world,

Where we would see things differently,

Where I would no more be a person with a hectic way of life,

Where I would be a person who would flatter her every second with the lines I jotted down in my diary,

A person who would be fine with me sleeping in a movie theatre, a person who would never complain because all that would matter to her is not me as a person, but my presence during her best and tough times,

And then the day comes to an end, still finding peace in my world through her presence,

I lay her down on the bed, place a kiss her on her forehead,

And make sure that she has a bottle of water beside her before I leave,

But how could I resist that cute face,

Damn, one more sick-leave mail drafted to office!!!

And a cuddle which would last the entire day.

You might be a CEO of a company or a regular employee, but that’s professional life, things are different and so are the challenges. The work-life balance is a concept which is truly f*cked-up (excuse my french) in Indo-Asian Region, especially in India. And when no one is present for your rescue. You find a way out by finding true love.

A person who stands by your side, who stands behind you giving you the little extra push that you need during your depressed times. I hope you have already found such person or are in the process to find such a person.Β 

“Yeh zamaana besharam hai, kyu ismei tu dhunde bandagi”



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