Chasing the Clouds

“Aren’t you tired doing something that gives you nothing in return?”

This was the question that everyone did ask me when I was started writing short stories and Letters on this blog and wrote a book on psychology and short stories. A weird choice of genres, I know! But what’s actually Life, if you don’t experiment with yourself and your writing?

I had given enough answers, though questions weren’t quite direct, they indirectly did hurt me the most. Sometimes they even demotivated me, sometimes they made me feel tired about myself, Not because my books weren’t performing well in the starting phase, it was just that the people criticizing me were tired of themselves. They didn’t know how I was able to make something out of the same 24 hours that they too had. This created a rift in their Brain and Heart, and we all are aware of the things that one can do when he/she undergoes such rift.

So me being me, I started to research on what exactly happened?

The answer was quite clear and well put before me. The frustration was real. I had to answer a few questions before I could move ahead,

1) Did I make a mistake by writing and self-publishing my books?

  • Nope, not at all. Well, it’s my choice to do something amazing and something that keeps me entertained apart from my professional life and that is “Writing”.

2) What was the criticism all about?

  • I love criticism, both positive and negative but I hate when people fail to explain their criticism. And that’s why I love the comments section in WordPress more than the “Like” button because comments and criticism give me satisfaction that at least people read what I wrote. But criticism without explanation is just like a sweet without sugar. It doesn’t work.

After I answered these questions to myself I had understood that I was one the right path and this motivated me to experiment with a more relatable psychology book that is soon going to be launched on Amazon. 

Stay tuned for the next Psychology dose, I hope this one outperforms “Beyond the Mundane Glance-Psychology Unfolded”.

And I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind support and your continuous efforts in making this blog worthwhile!



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10 thoughts on “Chasing the Clouds

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  1. One always gets benefitted by writing. At the least one will improve writing skills. Besides not everything is done for returns. People can can have other motivations, passions, etc.
    Best regards!

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    1. True words Atul, and yes, not everything is done expecting some returns, just like few softwares which are still known to be the “legacy” ones, and so are the writings, which maintain legacy of an individual, as a character, not just an author. Keep reading and thank you for your beautiful comment!

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