Dear My World

Dear “My Little World”,

I still remember how I met you,

You were seated, somewhere in the remote corner of the room,

Observing me, taking notes,

And I smiled when I saw you.

You were different, I thought to strike up a conversation, but somewhere I was scared, not of you, but the way you were different from others,

Demanded zero attention, all you ever desired was a cup of coffee and you would excuse yourself from the hush of this huge world,

I could see you clearly, sway your way through the crowd to reach the remotest table available in the cafe,

And then you would reach to the Menu,

Still reaching each of my action with the eyes of yours,

The Aroma around you was always different, You were always a tough nut to crack, at least for your opponents,

People were amazed to know you exist,

In the darkest depths with me,

But you always hesitated to be with me in front of them,

You were good with hiding yourself from others,

One of the finest when it comes to solitude,

The first-ever to understand and console,

The one who looked upon me when every other person gave up on me and threw tantrums,

You’re different, Rather unique, cannot be found in abundance, People always tried & had put their efforts in taking Me away from You!

You always found a way in engaging me,

With all your beautiful setups, displayed in the front row for Me,

How could I ever say “No”? I just went with the flow,

Forgetting about things that would pull us apart,

And here was I standing,

With tears in my Eyes,


Your Dearest Dead Being in Your “Little World”,
Kalyan Parimi



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