Oh, Love!

And this was how it was destined to happen,

A long journey,

Dead headphone battery,

A Smartphone which ceases to come out of the pocket,

A piece of slow soft music playing in the background,

And a cosy place in the remotest corner,

A never-ending traffic jams,

Everything was perfect, just perfect,

What else could I have asked for?

I turned towards her, just to ask her How her Day was,

And I felt something resting on my shoulder when I tried to turn,

It was her head,

There she was,

Just like an infant,

With her head on my Shoulders,

I hesitated a bit, What if my movement would wake her up,

And then, the damn cough, the uninvited guest.

What if my shoulder is too skinny for her to rest on?

What if she wakes up and finds Me staring her into her eyes?

I wish I could see her the whole day, Sleep like a baby in my arms.

Just like a cold night after a tiring sunny day,

Finding to strike a perfect balance,

I ended up falling,

It wasn’t the kind of one which you’re thinking, it was different. It had to be.

And then, when I requested her to pass the bottle,

So that I could have some water,

She did pass, but I didn’t feel any inanimate object on my hand,

She kept her hand on mine,

Maybe it was an instinct,

Or was it something sub-conscious,

I smiled,

She laughed.

And somewhere We were lost in our own world,

It was destined to end,

And for Her, it had to start.

I gulped down a whole bottle of water,


“Life is all about giving your heart a little freedom to fly. Few dreams can wait, but reality can’t. Life isn’t just a one-time chance. Life is more like a chance that’s given to you. To make you rejoice all those beautiful times that you had with your loved ones.”


“Time is just a Measure, You Need to Change”


P.S: A Hypothetical Story


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