A Guy Who Bought Happiness.

Every morning he ended waking up at different places,

He generated a habit of waking up, dressing and walking to his car,

And driving off to his house,

Many times he did confuse and drove off from his own house,

He did shed a lot of money on people,

Especially the opposite gender, just to find satisfaction,

Not the physical one,

He would talk with girls overnight on the bed until they get bored and fall asleep,

He would pay them to listen to his problems,

Until that one day,

Where his notes didn’t work,

The girl was special, she heard him without demanding anything in return,

She gave him advises, He loved her perspective towards situations,

Things were different this time, He no more left his home in a drunk state,

All because of her,

“Her”, who never met him again,

But left a note on his desk,

Which read,

“A Guy Who bought Happiness”

Not many among us have the courage to fight our worst times, it’s quite acceptable in a few cases because we give up. Obviously, we are tired because of the series of events that take place. But we have to remind ourselves of the struggle that it took for us to reach this position. It’s never easy to get in a respectable position just to leave it for some silly reason.

Each one among us might have faced something in our life, let it be overnight stardom or a gradual fall. We all have been there and faced it, the only thing that changes is, the way we incur both of them. How we accept our failure and how we give our best to achieve success does matter at the end of the day.

“A Guy who bought Happiness” is a hypothetical story about one such person who tried to buy happiness with mere paper. But he lost. He couldn’t buy something that was priceless. He could not buy the Happiness he ever desired. A night was enough to change his perspective, she changed his way of looking at things. He was much happier than usual, he celebrated each day, found different ways to meet her and see her smile. Maybe this was it, this was missing throughout his entire life. Someone whom he could see and smile his heart out. But everything had to end, she was there to teach but not to walk with him alongside his entire life. She had to leave, for him to excel. And she did. With a note that read “A Guy who Bought Happiness”.

“Whatever I do, I just want to be happy, that’s it, nothing more” – Her



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  1. Hey there. I really liked the the tittle. The guy who brought happiness. It was different and unique. I won’t say it’s your best post but there were a lot of feeling in it. Keep blogging Kalyan

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