Lost Wing – Paralyzed

A surprisingly talented person,

A person who never gave up on anything,

A person who could do anything on his fingertips,

A person who heads every tough scenario with a determined self.

A person who never gave up even when things turned him down,

When situations made him face the ground,

When he lost, yet he fought.

Things refused to take turmoil,

He was destined to give up on himself,

And he did. 

Sitting at the edge of his balcony,

He faced the sky,

He couldn’t see the stars anymore,

He couldn’t find the shine anymore,

He gave up on himself.

His achievements shattered on the concrete pathway,

Just like his blood,

He gave up on himself,

Not because he wasn’t talented enough,

But because the world demanded something else from him.

He gave up!!

We conclude a person’s behaviour and attitude before we even try to initiate a conversation with them. In simple words its called “judgemental” behaviour or “judging someone”, but what does it actually point to?

Well, we humans try to “relate” everything that comes in our way, let it be any person or a thing. We try to match the object with an instance from our memory. This is quite normal, we humans do exhibit various behavioural traits and this being the most common trait i.e. “Conceptualizing and Integrating”. We conceptualize a problem statement and integrate the pieces of the puzzle to form a solution but we fail to interpret what individual pieces of the puzzle carry, a meaning, a solution which is capable of proposing an all-new solution set altogether, but we, of course, being humans, neglect it.

So, what’s the solution for this complex problem that appears not-so-complex;

It’s quite simple, just take your time, there’s no need to solve the puzzle, maybe the scrambled version of it has stories to narrate, maybe it wants to say something. Give things time and let it dissolve until you understand how to form a perfect picture.


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