One Less Lonely Night

“Bhaiyya, OTP is 5567,” She said while jumping in her Share cab,

The driver acknowledged her OTP and told her that there’s one more person to pick up from the same location as hers and he would be 5 minutes late,

To which she sighed,

“It’s 5568” He exclaimed while jumping in the car resulting in her spilling coffee all over her formal attire.

She gave him the “Look”,

He smiled to it and offered a tissue,

She gave one more intense look and said: “You think that can help me with my coffee stain?”,

“Probably yes, but wouldn’t be of any help to your attitude!” He responded back

“You’re really saying that?, I mean how could you, you’re the one whose late” She bounced back pointing towards the pick-up time.

“Everyone got some work to do and I’ve to go home early, So I’m a bit late, to compensate I did take the stairs instead of lift”, He responded back with seriousness in his tone.

“Stories….” She sighed and put her earphones back on.

“Idiots…..” He said to himself and got himself into a comfortable position to sleep.

The cab stopped with a thud, her head hit the back of the front seat.

And the coffee spilt all over her business formals,

He offered her a tissue with a smile on his face,

“What’s so funny about this?” She questioned him,

He turned his head towards the window and laughed his heart out,

“You’re not gonna exit this car without telling me what made you laugh” She demanded an answer,

“Even the coffee hates you” He responded.

“Sir and Madam, Engine’s over-heated, you need to find some other cab” Suggested the cab driver.

Both got down the cab just to face a beautiful sea-view,

The Story that was supposed to END had just STARTED!

“One Less Lonely Night” is all about that one moment we have with a stranger or loved ones which brings us together, “Us” as “Humans”, which is a scarcity in the present world. It all starts with initializing a conversation and ends with exchanging smiles, not Numbers! We, humans, tend to expect before we even invest something in a relationship, this turns the “to-be-relationship” into a “Business” for which we draw graphs and pie charts, to portray and analyze our success. But is this how it should be??

We got to question ourselves on this and understand our answer to the same.

Life is not all about finding people with common interests, Life is more about experimenting by making diverse friends and learning decent things from them,Β  Life is all about caring for them and being with them not only during their worst times but also celebrating with them their best times. If we try to search for a friend we would never get him/her, it’s all about the moment, you come across a lot many people but you fail to initiate a quick interaction with them because we humans, try to search for similarities and embrace those similarities, rather we should be searching for uniqueness in one and try to compute it and the way we can incorporate something similar.

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  1. Splendidly crafted, Indeed! Life is not about finding people with similar interests…, the last line ‘The Story that was supposed to END had just STARTED!’ πŸ‘Œ says a lot! Keep up writing Kalyan πŸ‘ waiting for the next post.

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