Do You Remember?

Do you remember how our eyes never made contact with each other?

Trying not to stare each other,

Trying not to make it awkward for others,

Hiding our smiles when we look at each other,

Do you remember how we used to steal each other’s favourite things just to get a chance to meet again?

It feels immature now, but I still got your favourite earring hidden in my wallet,

I miss you, they say photo in the wallet is something old school,

Instead, I hung a beautiful portrait of yours with your magnificent smile on my wall,

The difference was,

The portrait was the size of the wall,

Yes!! you do occupy all the space in my heart,

Maybe the wall wasn’t enough for me.

Do you remember the times you used to literally scream while on bike rides,

And I would just annoy you at traffic stops by switching off the Engine and everyone could hear you scream silly things,

I know you hate it when I take the corner seat on the couch,

But I know you love to keep your head on my shoulder and just sleep.

Do you remember the number of times I lifted you with the utmost care and put you to bed, and watch you sleep like a baby,

How would you remember that? That’s a silly question, poor me.

Do you remember how you used to cover my head with your soft palms?

And I used to just acknowledge that love of yours with a smile,

How can I forget those lovely times when you used to understand my silence,

And bought me the best surprise, No it was not the watch that you gifted me,

It was the kiss you placed on my cheek during my tough times,

I didn’t acknowledge that kiss with a smile,

But my Ears and cheeks did, they turned red,

And you would laugh on it the whole night.

Do you remember the time when I was too tired to even switch to nightwear,

And slept on the couch with formals,

The next morning I woke up to see myself dressed up in a Pajamas,

And then I would turn to my left and you would be there,

Asleep, Just as calm as a Sunday Morning.

Do you remember how we used to map the roads post-dinner?

We lost the count on the number of kilometres we walked,

Even the fit-bit read “Souls never count the kilometres they’ve spent together”.


P.S: This is a hypothetical love story with no presence of it in reality. One of my brain’s creation of portraying “Love” in the best and practical way possible. I hope you loved it. Keep showering your love in the comments section. Much appreciated.






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