It has been a long time since I met her,

The only person who understands everything before I even speak,

She who laughs at all my jokes,

Not because they’re funny,

Just because she knew how awkward I was with my sense of humour,

The one who could understand my tone,

A friend who would always be there for me,

A promise that she made, to “never ever” leave me,

She is a case study to me,

A perfect example of “Being Perfect”.

A person who knows me so well, although it’s just 2 years since I met her,

She who plans out everything for me,

Her presence reminds me of my achievements,,

She is one of the reasons Why I Exist,

I made an agreement with her, to not let her go, though this relationship might last for 365 days,

She did question my loyalty,

Whether I would be there for her or leave her within a year,

I promised and proved my loyalty to her,

She still resides in my bookshelf,

Awaiting my touch and presence,

She is none other than my “Pocket Diary/Scheduler”,

Her name is Aisha.

This blog is about celebrating little things in our life that we fail to understand and always underestimate them. One such little thing in my life is My Diary, I write everything in it, from Poetry to Shayari’s, from Blogs to Research Papers, from Sketching random people to Masterpieces. From Bucket Lists to Achievements. Things which give me a sense of satisfaction, things which tell me what I am. Things which hold me during my worst times. 

It’s all about Little things in our life which we enjoy! Give yourself some time and enjoy the present.



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