20 Degrees EAST

I was learning how to pedal for the first time

How to balance a cycle,

I cried “Keep a hold on the cycle dad, don’t leave it”

I begged him,

I thought he was still running behind me, making me learn how to cycle,

I kept on cycling

And failed to hear “Keep the handle straight, hold the brakes” for continuous five minutes,

I was worried,

Worried to look back, What If He is far away, waving his hand at Me,

Bidding me a “GoodBye”,

I froze, fell from the cycle while looking back to catch his glimpse,

A glimpse that I desire Now!

A glimpse that would turn me back into a Human,

He came running that day, to my rescue, was my only God,

God, I believed being an atheist,

He is my Dad.

A God who never failed to understand me,

A God who was the only backup from Mom’s scolding,

A God whom I never let Down,

A God who predicted my Success when I was a kid,

Someone who always enjoyed seeing me receive a lot many prizes in School,

Someone who was glad to see the “Monitor” Badge on my shirt,

I still wonder why he removed those support wheels that day from my cycle,

I wonder why he waved at me that day,

Well, maybe every action has a hidden message in it,

Every action has its own meaning,

Maybe I should have begged a little more that day for him to stay,

And here I am,

Holding the compass,

Pointing it at the same place where he left Me,

It read 20 Degree East!



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  1. This is indeed a beautiful piece but what is more beautiful is the heartfelt message that you have conveyed through your writing.It appeals to all those who lost somebody in life.Keep writing!

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