Club on Fire

He heard people complaining about opportunities,

He was used to this,

Maybe its not the first time when his team lost the lead,

Maybe they should’ve celebrated their FAILURE,

Failures were always under-rated according to him,

And people always underestimate them,

He understood the call,

The call which had been snoozed for a long time,

His team was finally Successful,

With lot many opportunities they had,

They thought to drink and gulp them down,

And he did set the “Club on Fire” that day!!

Life tests us at each stage and each corner, it justs breaks us down because it is meant to. If life were like a fairy tale, and life lessons were always constructive then we would never understand the Seriousness of it. The Joy of overcoming failure and reaching the peak point cannot be described merely in words.

Tests are an integral part of life, you cannot escape them, neither it is advised to do so. There’s an easy explanation for this, Tests let you face your true self and give you an opportunity to Enhance yourself and Excel in your field by eliminating your weakness if any.

“Club on Fire” deals with few such situations where we spectate people failing and succeeding in their life. If failure and success weren’t in proportion then there would be no such thing called “Equilibrium”. There would be an imbalance that would be impossible to retain or eliminate.

“Club on Fire” is one such scenario that each and every single one among us might have faced at least once in their lifetime, we’ll have that one “CLUB” that we wait to “SET THE STAGE ON FIRE”. “CLUBS” might differ, for someone, it might be their “Office” and for others, it might be their “Educational Institution”. But the common thing among them is their “Zeal to Excel”.



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