Ain’t gonna be Shy about it!

It quite amazing,

Everything was so perfect,

The long journey,

The breeze finding its way through your hair,

Leaving an amazing essence in the air,

It was something different,

The Sense of Completion,

The Sense of Fulfilment,

There’s something more to everything they say,

If ever asked, I would just demand your time and presence,

Nothing else!

They say “Love” is Magical and it happens Unplanned,

They were quite true,

The way you happened to me,

My Journey got a new Definition,

A Definition that I would love to embed on our Wedding Rings!!

Because Baby,  I ain’t gonna be Shy about it!

We all struggle to find that one “True Love” in our Life, but we forget to Live the Moment, We forget to find happiness and joy in little things, because of our huge expectations. We ruin things just because we try to get the maximum out of a person, emotions, happiness etc. It leads to a psychological cycle which kills “Love” for the specific person. To put it in simple words, let’s assume you get to eat chocolate every single hour for a year, would you still have the same “love” for chocolate? Definitely “No” until and unless you tend to be a psychopath. The same applies to “Love”.

Let’s just understand, what exactly is “Love” rather than enforcing things under the name of “Love” on our “Loved Ones”.



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19 thoughts on “Ain’t gonna be Shy about it!

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  1. So beautiful.

    I found love when I thought it was all over: he gave me so much positivity and warmth when I needed some cover.

    And that’s when I knew that he was the one.
    And it’s rare to find a love like that, to find your special someone.

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