Comparison and Compatibility

The first thing that we experience in this world when we grow up is “Competition”. Now, there’s something with these three C’s, Competition, Comparison and Compatibility. These have few things in common, they are related to one another. One results in the other, rather we can call it a chain reaction that takes place. Competition, as we know, can be categorized into two parts,  healthy and not-so-healthy. The attitude and behaviour showed by the participants in the competition decide the essence of the competition. The result hence is capable of creating positive and negative impacts depending on how the participants take it.

So, the question that we need to ask ourselves is “Why to Compare?”

Is comaprison really required?

And if it is, then what are the possible parameters that have to be aligned to do justice to the comparison. It’s quite logical why we never compare a homo-sapien with a mammal, but what bugs me is the fact that when two humans are equally different, why do we have to compare them on the basis of their skill set when their goal is different and unique, even if their goal is same, then why don’t we understand that to solve a problem there can be many routes and alternatives.

What do we know about Compatibility?

Not all of us are aware of what “Compatibility” means in this context. Well, it’s all about the resources and the extra help that one gets to overcome a problem which is not the situation that everyone stuck in that situation can expect. It depends and varies from person to person. The skill set here plays an important role as well as the measure of adaptiveness. We can expect a Canadian Citizen to adapt to cold weather climates but cannot expect an Indian citizen to adapt to temperature in minus. So, how does this example relate? Well, it’s all about the performance that gets affected because of various other reasons.

What Can We Conclude?

It’s quite simple to underestimate others by mere comparison and the results gathered from it. But, we tend to miss the magical characteristics that one possesses while doing all the comparison tests. We need to understand that the “World” works on the ‘Theory of Balance”, i.e. if everyone would be perfect and there are no flaws then we can’t expect things to fluctuate and that type of Life would not just be boring but also will not last long. People would be depressed and things would take darker turns. 

So, let’s just not worry about the future, let’s just understand that we are who we are for our own Good!





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