The Fall

It’s not always easy to pick yourself up after a fall,

The damage cannot be reduced,

Neither can it be forgotten,

What creates an impact is the “Lesson that we learn from the Fall”,

Not everyone is gifted with an ability to heal quickly,

Not everyone heals at the same pace,

It takes time to learn,

It does take a lot of time to explore,

The fall might cause damage to your exoskeleton,

But the determination that resides in you, stays intact!

It’s always good if you are broke,

Because being broke you try to see things through a creative perspective,

You try new things to overcome the situation you’re in,

You try to find happiness in simple things and activities,

The fall always makes you learn something,

It introduces you to the place where you started your career,

It always shows you your forgotten responsibilities,

A Fall is mandatory!

Let’s talk about the roots first. Shall We?

It all starts when we are born, we are thrown in the world full of competition, Not only for existence but also for Ego and domination. We try to overtake people throughout our lifetime, some of the other ways, we reach the peaks in our career, we stay happy for some time, and then we move to our next goal. We forget to reward ourselves with a new hobby or skill. We learn what’s required, we tend to incline towards a hobby that earns us money but not Peace.

This creates a GAP, a gap that’s enough to broaden our flaws. A gap that’s enough to take us down at some point in life. That’s the FALL.

A Fall teaches us where we took the wrong turn in our life. Where we gave “Greed” more importance rather than “Happiness”. A fall replenishes the creativity in us that we were lacking. It’s not too late!!

Let’s understand ourselves better before we face the “FALL”.






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