The Last Passenger

He could see his “youth” in the boy,

The boy sat at the corner of the street, nervous and still,

The taxi driver could recollect his past,

What could he do,

Neither can he empathize nor can he console him,

The Eerie silence added horror to the boy’s almost moist eyes,

The driver bought a hot dog for him and the boy,

Shared his hot dog with him,

But the boy wasn’t eating the hot-dog,

He was hogging it,

The driver gazed at the boy in amusement,

The boy wiped out the last bit of hot dog from his lips,

And thanked the stranger for his help,

While leaving the place, a card slid out from his pocket,

It read “Charles Brown, CEO United Colors” with his office address on it,

The driver was amazed to see a card which was made with such perfection,

Golden words on a black background, Something that the most wealthy could afford,

 Amused to see this, the driver paid a visit to the boy’s office the next day,

Observed him get down his top-notch car with an expensive suit and tie,

The driver just smiled and drove by.

He had successfully dropped his last passenger to his destination

So what exactly happened that night?

Not going through the story, let me tell you something very important. We, humans, are very fragile beings, we get hurt easily, we get emotional, we forget things easily too.

All we need is a little bit of Love and Attention which would keep us running for a day.

The boy in the above story did do a lot of hard work in his life, he developed his career from scratch. But he too needed some space, some love and someone who could make him feel the warmth. It was not his choice to sit on the pavement late night, he was there tired and exhausted getting some time for himself. He spotted the taxi driver and for the first time, he saw his dad before him. He chose to act to spend time with the man, and the next day he was ready for a new challenge.

A little bit of Love can make things happen in an unexpectedly pleasant manner.


P.S: Do tell me what you think about this writing style of mine in Comments Section below.




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    1. Thanks a lot for the compliment Akriti. I’ve been following this style for a year now. I write short stories and deduce them in psychological perspective in the blog post. Thank you for reading.


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