And there she was,

The person I was searching for the entire day,

Finding her trails,

Following her visits,

She was a class apart,

Bold and Impressive,

One who could handle any situation with her wit,

She was able to solve the toughest problems with the simplest solutions,

She had zero arrogance,

And the way she made things work was just another level,

Where her words failed to show their effect,

Her attitude did!

What else could one ask for,

When one would have a person like her in his life,

And here I was day-dreaming over a coffee,

Followed by a thump on my table,

It was her,

With an interrogative face,

Before she would ask any questions,

I handed her a tissue,

On which I wrote

“No more questions please, just be an answer to my existence”,

It’s quite a challenge to find that one perfect person in your life, but it is definitely over-hyped. You just need to analyze and understand yourself primarily in order to know what type of personality in the opposite/same gender compliments you. It’s not rocket science as portrayed by people.

It’s just that people didn’t meet the right person for the first time, or they were intoxicated with fiction, a fiction about the “perfect” person to exist. Everything in this world seems to be “Sweet” until we dig deep, and that’s when we feel like we lost the flavour. The taste that used to be worth spending time and efforts now seems tasteless and you feel just like spending money to get out of it. 

It’s quite common and you don’t need to worry about things. Work on yourself, spend time learning new things, develop your career, success doesn’t come to your doorstep overnight. Well, Love isn’t just about emotions as they portray. Love is also about matching the level of intelligence and humour.

I’m not an expert but I did try to portray my perspective.

Happy Reading and do tell me about the new blog look!




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    1. It did make a lot of sense. If we be the right person we know what we need exactly hence leaving less lives destroyed. “Best one” because of the lines written in bold? Thanks a lot for your kind words.


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