Does Success really Count?

And here I was,

Celebrating my achievements, 

In the “Hall of Fame”, With all my memento’s hooked to a wall,

I stood staring at them,

And did count the number of times I had to say “No” to my loved ones,

I did hate it, But there was no way out!

They said “College life is fun”,

I did fail to see that aspect,

They said “You’re free from any sort of responsibility”

I did fail to experience that,

I didn’t want my name to be written in the “Golden words”,

Rather I wanted to be someone, who did his best and didn’t complain about the situation,

I don’t dream to be perfect, I just do things in a systematic manner,

I don’t want to be that person who appears on the Cover of Magazines with big & bold letters,

I just want a different aura when my name is spelt,

I will create one,

All of this comes with a cost!

Doesn’t it?

A cost you pay by sacrificing “your part of Life”,

So, is it worth it?

The success, the fame?

“Damn yes” would be my answer.

Because I worked my arse-off for this day to come.

And yes, you need to give up something in order to achieve big things!!!!


P.S: There were times when I was exhausted and I did reckon whether I’m capable of blogging or not. There were times when I thought to Quit and delete the blog. Just when I was criticized for not being “Available” to people. That’s when I took up blogging as my passion and initiated blogging about things I observe daily, wrote on many issues. And received appreciation on this platform. It wasn’t an overnight thing, I did work hard. I did work on User Interface an many other things.

And sometimes I just feel if you’re just social and do awards and nominations, then you turn yourself into a well-known blogger where you receive “Likes” without the blog being “read”. And I’m glad that I’m not one among them. I still remember the day I received appreciation from the best authors such as;

Orville Wrong



The people who did give me a moral boost with their comments.

Thanks to their support and many such bloggers who have helped me throughout my journey by learning my blogs and putting their thoughts. 

My Part of Life now owns a domain name;




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