Life in a Metro

And here I was,

Standing among a crowd of people from different domains,

Where stereotype ceases to exist,

Diverse characters and their way of living life,

Everyone with a different perspective towards life,

Some are hesitant, some protective,

Being one among the crowd who are engulfed with situations in life,

One was busy settling property deals on phone,

And the other convincing his 5-year-old daughter to eat lunch over a call,

Few faces did look stressed and tired, 

And other few excited to meet their loved ones back home,

Few busy on their phones scrolling through their Social Media,

Clicking on “Like” and envying their lifestyle,

Few discussing politics,

And few discussing trends,

Few seeking seats and few just trying to find a place to stand,

People from a different socio-economic background,

Get seats on First Come First Serve basis for the first time,

It’s something that makes you learn a lot many lessons,

From an 80-year-old person learning “Message Forwarding” on WhatsApp from the co-passenger 

To a 5-year-old looking through the window,

What you learn is to “Never-give-up”

This is Life in a Metro,

Where you learn life sciences that were never taught in college,

And that’s when the fact hits you that you’re just one among 7.7 Billion others,

Trying your best in your part of Life!






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    1. True that, Observation is something that’s quite rare to find these days. With everyone engaged in the virtual world, a lot of opportunities to learn are being skipped. Thank you for giving this a read.

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