When I ask “How’s Everything going?”

I don’t want to listen to your “Okay”, “Fine”, “Good” or “Nice”,

When I ask you “How’s everything going?”

I already did a background check on your well-being,

Because you’re a part of the family now,

I don’t want to know something that I’m already aware of,

Because I care about you,

What meaning should I convey to you,

The phrase “How’s everything going” is not just a question for me,

It’s an emotion,

It’s not just something whose response should be in single word,

I’m aware of all the problems you’re undergoing,

Even though your answer would be “Everything’s fine”,

I’m still gonna ask “How’s everything going?”.

Until I feel your head on my shoulders.

Everyone is in a hurry to achieve success, fame and what not? In this life full of events, plans and activities. Let’s find time for our loved ones. I know it’s not quite easy when it comes to personal life. We’ll have immense work pressure and a lot of burdens laden on us with a responsibility to “Not mess it up”. 

Amidst these all things we actually forget to Live our life and enjoy it. It takes a few minutes to sit beside your loved ones, let it be your family or friend. And ask them making eye contact “How’s everything going?”, there would be that special moment which you would share with that person, I won’t say time will freeze, but it will go so slow that you can observe the immediate escalation of emotions in the opposite person. That glitter in their eyes is incomparable!

P.S: Did you ever try this? If yes, How did it go?, if you didn’t try to ask your loved ones this question, Try it out.




17 thoughts on “When I ask “How’s Everything going?”

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  1. We have all the technology to help do our work faster so ideally we should be having more time. Instead we are always pressed for time. We have no time to build those real connections with each other, which is a basic necessity of being a human.

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      1. I really loved this post. it touched me because this happens with all of us. we all act strong, to protect ourselves. even when we are not. urggghhh. human emotions. glad you put this up.

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