The Three Tears that Rolled Down My Cheek

It has been a long time since I’ve shared my happy moments with someone,

You were always there, I still wake up Sunday morning with a hope that you would return home with my treat,

I’ve waited a long time to listen to “Very good son”,

You always told me that I’ve always made you proud,

I’m still on the same track, 

My name speaks about me,

No more do I need to introduce myself, My work speaks about me,

But I’ve lost a lot in the process,

I’ve very few people to convey my problems to,

Responsibilities have changed my perspective,

And with this perspective, I don’t look cool,

I have no one to blame for,

I now aim for highly hypothetical targets and bring them to reality,

Hereby, I write my own name in Golden Words,

Wish you were there to see this happening,

I transformed myself into a thick-skinned person,

But this time, after all the accomplishments,

Three tears rolled down my cheek.

It has never been easy on me and family,

You remember about the promise?

You asked me to promise to “Never Give-up”,

I will keep that promise, until we meet one day,

The day I give you a report on how I lead things!

We’ll have been at a point of time in life where we gave up on ourselves, but our beloved ones picked us from that position and totally transformed us into something we could only dream about. But whilst we do the same, we lose that one special person in our life, they just guide us and leave. During our hard times, when we need guidance and suggestions, we miss that person a lot. One such emotional story.

So, what does it take to be happy?

A mixture of emotions, family, and a bunch of friends who love us irrespective of our achievements and behaviour.  I know it’s not quite easy as it seems on a paper or blog, but believe me, that’s an awesome feeling when you return home tired and see your loved ones asleep. The first tear that rolled down my cheek when I was able to see only three people sleep out of a family of four. The second tear that rolled down my cheek when I accomplished which was seemingly impossible for many but had no one to tell my success stories. The third tear when I had no one who would express their happiness on my success. I was just a part of the crowd celebrating their success. I sat there with a “not-so-happy” face, recreating how things would have been if everything was not so messed up.

Well, just try to spend time with your loved ones. Adore them, because they just need your time and love, Nothing else!




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