“A Successful person with a hell lot of Arrogance”

He was tagged with something that he never was!

Few knew his past, remaining assumed,

Time and situation were never easy on him,

They lashed him out every single time he tried to be different,

Responsibilities turned his brain into a processor over-time,

Now he computes everything and somehow he forgot how to enjoy his very own life,

He now foresees for terms and conditions in everything, at this very tender age,

Little did they know about him,

He wasn’t successful overnight,

Lot many failures, lot many fights, 

His behaviour was an outcome of harsh times,

His desire for perfection,

His desire to be on the top,

Not to gain popularity or to be eye-candy for others,

Because he did undergo lot many sleepless nights,

The unseen shades of his work, He kept them to himself,

Showing the colourful outcome to his family and his people,

He still lives in the dark,

Spreading whatever he learned throughout,

But wait, we live in a generation where judgement can be passed within the blink of an eye,

He awaits his own judgement, He is his own justice,

He awaits a trial, A trial which would bring him back his life,

A life that he lost fighting the hard times,

A smile that looks beautiful on him, as they say

Success does come with a price,

There’s no negotiation for that,

And people say,

“You were successful overnight!”

Success is not something that can be bought or can be achieved overnight. It’s something that takes both “Sweat” and “Blood” in an equal proportion. We do miss out the magical moments in our lives while stepping up on the ladder called “Life”. It’s quite tough to break the ice, but that’s how the world works, you have to pay the price.

This blog is all about how we all, work hard to achieve our dreams but we fail to ignore the ones who tag us. Let your success narrate your story to them. Let your deeds, be your voice and your hard work be your soul.


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