Mix Tape

It was a long journey, 

From a not-so-enlightened person to someone quite organized,

I always chose the window seat,

Not because I could see what’s going outside,

Rather spend time with my playlist and recollect everything that happened over 6 years,

 I would carry my playlist everywhere because they aren’t just songs,

Each song had a different flavour altogether,

It reminded me of the people present in my life,

I was able to know the next song in the queue even when I was asleep,

I don’t socialize much, but I do observe,

I did observe a lot many individuals heart-broken for nothing,

It’s quite simple how the world works,

It’s just that you have a  “Give an Take relationship” with everyone,

Until you find that one person who got your back,

And who needs nothing but love in return,

The heartbroken’s are the one who has expectations,

Expectations are just another term for “Give & Take”,

Isn’t it?

Well, here I am,

Listening to my Mix Tape,

Enhancing myself each day,

And exploring the depths of life,

Before I reach my final destination!


P.S: I have tried to portray the world from a different perspective, we’ll are alone in this journey, we have to find our goal, until then you have a MixTape that you play. On loop to analyze things. Hope you understand the depth of the term “MixTape” in the above write-up.







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  1. Songs do remind you of people. I have my own set of those songs. Some songs remind you of beautiful incidents in your life, while some songs are beautiful but they remind of things that weren’t all that pleasant 🙂

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