Dawn till Dusk

It would be just you and me,

I would postpone all of my work for you,

It’s been a long time since we spent some time together,

Gazing the sky full of stars,

Away from this city-hush,

It would all be so good, with you beside me,

I don’t have to worry about anything else,

No more reminders will I set,

No more tasks do I need to accomplish,

I know I’m all done when you’re beside me,

Do you remember?

How we used to dress up together and left for our offices,

How we used to enjoy those little moments together finding our stuff in this house full of memories?

We no more recognize the bedroom’s by their names, rather we have found aliases for them, 

It’s funny, the way we fight like kids and ignore each other,

But, end up falling asleep in the same room!

Mirrors narrate a different story altogether,

Adoring your charismatic smile, I sometimes feel jealous,

There’s a thing or two about this complex mixture of Silicon Dioxide and Sodium Oxide (Science nerds will understand this),

They get to adore you more than I do,

You complete me just like the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle,

You’re perfect,

Because YOU and ME, make a beautiful US.

I wish this never ends, this dream never shatters like the others did,

Because it would be just you and me,

From Dawn till Dusk!


P.S: A hypothetical love story, something that’s my dream, which is yet to come true. Framing my own world is something which I love to do because it’s imperfections that make us perfect!





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    1. I’m honoured with this nomination Jamie. I don’t do awards as I schedule my posts a lot and don’t like to disturb my series. I’m thankful for this nomination and yes, the most beautiful post I read on your blog was “Dilemma”, and few others. Keep writing!

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