A Shooting Star

Quarells became an inevitable part of her life,

It had become frequent and fewer times much violent for her,

Because she opted to settle for a job role that she never desired,

She never dreamt about!

She was forced to take up that opportunity which was served with emotional blackmail by her parents,

It was her life, It had to be her decision, but unfortunately, it wasn’t,

Things weren’t forced onto her, but served with retaliation,

She could neither refuse it nor accept it,

She was gifted with an ability to multitask,

But she never thought she would end up in a four square wall,

After all, that happened,

Something that she feared,

She reminds herself about the crash,

Which paralyzed her,

Serving her country was her duty, which now was her dream,

After that horrible crash that turned her into an award-winning writer!

We, humans, are just like “clay” (Not in a scientific reference), we mould ourselves according to the present situation and try to bring out the best while we struggle to adapt to the surroundings, but this is something that evolution taught us!

Learnings are constant, and one does learn only when he/she faces anything that’s troublesome and out of his/her comfort zone. This leads them to design a solution from scratch and in this process they learn, they implement and they improvise. A constant cycle which never terminates but does lead one to near termination, that’s something termed as “Depression”.

“Depression” is the so-called downfall of a person, but in my perspective, it’s like a “Refresh” button in one’s life. Just the way how de-toxification works for alcoholics, Depression resets people who have done the most vibrant things in the most vibrant manner. People who saw both sides of lives, who are tired commuting between the two contrasting ends, do need some time for themselves. That’s when depression acts like a de-tox for them.

So, I hope you understand the depth of the topic and keep learning, the next blog would be an extension to this. Happy Reading!! 




9 thoughts on “A Shooting Star

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  1. Depression isn’t downfall of a person, though you do mentions it’s like a Refresh button in one’s life. I’d rather say its just coping mechanism and the most common one today. And, I would also refrain from commenting on it so loosely, as I have seen it from close quarters and know the gravity.

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    1. I do understand, your perspective sounds much accurate as compared to mine. I did try to experiment and put on a new perspective on table. Thank you for your valuable comment. I hope you’re doing well.

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