Not so Perfect, Babe!

How can I forget that day,

The day it all started,

I was writing things on my schedule,

You were looking at me with eyes pouring anger and hatred,

I just had to sign that piece of paper and hand it over to you,

And I did it without much delay,

It wasn’t totally my fault,

I had to take responsibility of my family at an early stage,

I had no other option, I was habituated to plan my daily activities,

Somewhere I forgot to take time out for myself,

I always had to stick with those yellow slips on which I used to write my schedule,

You were a boon to me,

Somehow I learned how to live a life that’s gifted to us,

You made me learn, But you forgot, we all have flaws,

We all have to embrace it, I was way too punctual,

But that made me special,

You never understood, You did sympathize but failed to empathize!

And here I was, Signing the document that told me why I was not the right person for you,

We all have been there, you too will be,

I am not so perfect, babe!

We all have numerous flaws in us, some habits which are profitable and few which are not so good to tame within. No human is perfect without his/her flaws, but why don’t we embrace the good ones?  Why do we fail to understand that “change is necessary” but not every change brings the special one in you?

I did experience that “punctuality” is something that’s not appreciated, and so is “planning”. The two characteristics that I have in abundance. I plan each day except Sunday’s. But I did encounter people who suggest me “not to plan” every single day. I do understand their concern, planning ruins fun and enjoyment, but my situation on a whole is totally different. I have responsibilities that they could never imagine, that they never underwent! I just want those people to empathize and not sympathize.

And yes, flaws make us look beautiful, and my flaw, being extreme planning and punctuality is beautiful. I would love to imagine how the world would be like if everyone was so perfect. If there exists no flaw. If everyone was too perfect, there would be no solutions required, no help required, no intelligence required. This lands me to imagine a perfect world which would be so boring and monochromatic!

I’m not so perfect, babe!





10 thoughts on “Not so Perfect, Babe!

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  1. I am also too punctual for my own good 😀
    Same goes with planning, though I don’t plan each day as such but I do it much more than a normal person does.
    Our differences and uniqueness is what makes for a veritable and beautiful world 🙂
    And Punctuality and Planning are virtues and not vices 🙂

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  2. Most of the successful people on the earth are planners. It’s the most essential thing, be it mental note or things to do. Yes should not be obsessed with it as, if any unavoidable distraction comes on the. We need to adapt flexibility and let go of our planning for sme time. With getting frustrated. That is why even I keep my most Sundays unplanned. And even week days at times.

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    1. I apply the same strategy but I fail “not-to” plan for weekends. Maybe it’s about the question “What next?” that arises in my mind which makes me a restless soul. Need to experiment your strategy. Thanks for sharing and jotting down your thoughts here! Happy Reading.


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