An Empty Canvas

Writing my own story, I did pause for a while,

Gave rest to these hands of mine which experienced situations that no one else would wish to,

Experienced the touch of cheeks and the ashes too!

And here they are,

Tired and numb to feelings,

Could no more sense the touch,

The touch of love,

Among all the hardship, I did manage to paint something,

Something that never made it to the canvas,

Now lies in an old dusty diary,

Somewhere in my bookshelf,

Safe and secure,

I did try to fill my canvas with lot many colours,

But failed to buy them,

Yes!, Colours do come with a price, 

You don’t need to buy them,

You have to earn them against something, 

And that something is the price you pay,

Well, I did pay the price,

But on my palette, the colours turned grey,

The result, an empty canvas.

We’ll have been there where we lost to keep a track on our life. We all paid the price, the fortunate ones didn’t and I wish they never ever have to pay the price. And then do we realize that amidst this busy schedule where we allocate time to the family rather than spending time with them whole-heartedly!

Life is too short to fight with loved ones and with people we care about, it’s quite obvious that where there’s “Love” there’s always a place for “fight”, the reason is simple, you want the best for your loved ones and they want the best for you, so, for these two things to happen, one side has to give up on their idea which leads to fight. 

And the best way to honour your loved ones is to incorporate their “commendable” characteristics in ourselves. 

“Not quite easy, Not quite tough, Life is amazingly full of unpredictable stuff”






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